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Season 7 - Episode 4

-After discovering that Nicole was part of the trio that told Tumble to eliminate Krystal behind her back, Franziska pulls Nicole aside to speak with her while Katherine watches on.-

Franziska - Well, I assumed Tanya and Purna were working off to the side, messing everything up by themselves. I had NO idea Nicole was the brains behind it all, although I should've known. Those two girls aren't that smart.

Franziska – Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to do that?
Nicole – Fran, look, you change your mind so often. As a woman of your status and occupation, I would think you’d stick to your guns a little more.
Franziska – This isn’t a courtroom.
Nicole – Shouldn’t you be treating it more like one? I think you’d have a better case for yourself if you followed through.
Franziska – It’s kind of hard to follow through when there are so many people I want out.
Nicole – We’re all in the same boat as you, Fran.

-Franziska points between herself and Katherine.-

Franziska – Not really. You’d vote with everyone and not feel the need to go behind our backs if we were in "the same boat".
Nicole – Look, what happened, happened. You’re here. I’m here. No one in our alliance was eliminated except for Tanya, and that was YOUR CHOICE. Things aren’t going to go smoothly for you all the time. You won this time, and you can’t even be happy about it.
Franziska – Oh, I’m happy. You just came in from the left side. I’m startled. That’s all.
Nicole – As long as we’re still good, it’s fine.
Franziska – Are we good?
Nicole – Up to you.

Nicole - I'm finding more and more that there are people here who are legitimately bonkers even to me. I think if I were on any other season, I'd be able to take charge, but these guys are making it tough. They're stubborn and a little crazy. I like having an army to do my bidding. Here, I'm backed into a corner. Me! I don't feel like anyone is backing me, and I don't like it.

-Tumble and Traveler hang out in their room to hide from whatever is manifesting among the other players.-

Tumble – I really did it this time, Traveler…

-Traveler nods.-

Tumble - Okay...? You didn't have to agree so quickly.

-Traveler shrugs, and Tumble sighs.-

Tumble – It stinks because now that I have opened my big mouth, I don’t think our group is together anymore. Angel, Vaas, Berri, and Amanda are still here, and they’re probably going to still be here after this.
Traveler - *PING*

-Traveler pulls up an image of Tumble with Dagran, Franziska, and Katherine with a speech bubble over his head. Amanda’s picture appears in the bubble to remind Tumble what he talked about earlier.-

Tumble – I think Angel is a bigger threat, personally.

-Traveler displays an image of Amanda, Angel, and Berri together. Berri begins running her mouth while Angel points to Amanda and tells her what to do. Amanda fades away. Angel tries to control Berri, but she continues to run her mouth.-

Tumble – So you’re saying if Angel has no one to control, then he’s not that threatening?

-Traveler nods and shows himself and Tumble inviting Angel and Berri to work with them.-

Tumble – Oh! That’s a possibility, but right now, I don’t know if it’d be a good idea. It’d be easier if we could just stay seven strong against the other six, but Vaas and Nate hate each other. Purna and Nicole are on the outs, and I don’t even know what Sly does.

-Traveler shrugs.-

Tumble - I would lie if I were to say that Traveler and I were on the "good" side as Nate and Purna would like to believe. Good in what way? Right now, we're not doing well at all!

Tumble – Heh… Our side kinda sucks.

-Traveler nods in agreement. Meanwhile, Nicole heads upstairs to speak with Vaas for the last time about the future of their alliance together. Sly is on her trail and follows closely, but not noticeably, behind her.-

Nicole – Vaas, I’m cutting our ties.
Vaas – Okay.
Nicole - …..OKAY?!
Vaas – I can’t say I am surprised by this. You’re a woman. You’re emotional. I get it. You can go.
Nicole – I’m not emotional. I just don’t think it’s worth trying to help a man who is completely dependent. I have my own game to play, Vaas.
Vaas – Dependent?! I’m doing just fine.
Nicole – You got four votes. You do nothing to save yourself.
Vaas - And yet...I'm here.

-Nathan walks into the room.-

Vaas – NATHAN!!
Nathan – Shut up.

-Nathan starts moving his belongings from the room.-

Nathan – You guys can continue this conversation if you want.
Nicole – No, we’re finished.
Vaas – Both of you are leaving me??

-Nathan scowls as Nicole rolls her eyes.-

Vaas – Oh well. It was a fun ride. Adios. Fuck you. Bye bye.

Vaas – I mean if they want to go, they can go. It won’t stop me from treating Nathan like my play thing, and Nicole… Nicole took me as far as I needed to go. I won't go down without dragging her with me.

-Nathan fills up his bag and motions Nicole to go into the hallway with him. Sly slinks away when the door opens.-

Nathan – After what went down this morning, I think it’s safe to say the game has officially changed.
Nicole – Oh, I agree.
Nathan – Your name is probably being thrown around by Fran because as far as she’s concerned, you’re probably a worse version of Tanya and Purna.
Nicole – I hope that people are getting tired of her by now.
Nathan – Katherine is wrapped around her finger. Can you get the door for me? Sorry…
Nicole – Oh, it’s no problem.

-Nicole opens the door to Angel’s room.-

Nathan – Thanks.

-Nicole sighs.-

Nicole – Since you’re telling me all of this to help me, I’ll fill you in on something else that has been going on.
Nathan – Alright.
Nicole – I’ve been secretly working with Vaas since Johnny's boot.
Nathan – The hell?!
Nicole – I assumed that we would be able to work out some sort of partnership, but he is absolutely impossible.
Nathan – So wait… Are you the one that’s been informing him about his name being brought up?
Nicole – Yes…
Nathan – What the fuck, Nicole?! He’s been making my life HELL since the beginning, and it’s partly because of you!
Nicole – He’s been making my life hell too!
Nathan – Yeah, okay. Had he treated you the same way he's been treating me, it'd be viewed as sexual harassment. Wait, can I call production for this?
Nicole – Look. I told you this so that I can tell you that we are no longer working together. It’s done. I can’t even imagine another day of trying to get him to actually buckle down and fucking DO something.
Nathan – This is so messed up. We’re ruined, I think. Fran, Kat, and Dag are a solid threesome. Angel, Berri, and Amanda are too. If those six get together, there’s no way we can break that up because I can’t work with Vaas. You can’t work with Vaas. It’d be a six/six tie at best.
Nicole – And the other side would have to vote Angel or Berri.
Nathan – Not gonna happen. We're all going to need them at some point, and trying to get rid of them now isn't going to help anyone. Vaas is here to stay unless we get him some other way.

-Angel walks into his room without knowing Nathan was moving in.-

Nathan – ROOMIE!! What's up, my man!
Angel – Uh…hi?
Nicole – Could we bend your ear for a sec?

Nicole – Well, as luck would have it, the exact same people who have been receiving votes each and every round are the people WE need to move forward in this game. Vaas and I are finished. It was short-lived, but I think this is the right time to let him go. Talking to him was a liability, and we need as many people as we can gather to put an end to him once and for all.

-The hosts stand on a pier outside the hotel as the cast marches out to greet them. There are thirteen stations in the water. Each station contains a tube on an axis. Above the tubes are small pipes that bend downward up top.-

Ballyhoo – Welcome to your next challenge, everyone!
Big Top – We’re gonna love this…
Ballyhoo – The number 13 often goes hand-in-hand with bad luck, so we wanted to let fate decide how this challenge goes now that there are 13 of you remaining!
Big Top – You will all sit on your tubes however you wish. They are on an axis, so they are prone to spinning.
Ballyhoo – Periodically, I will spin this wheel. This wheel will determine what is dumped on top of you to make this challenge much more difficult!
Big Top – Of course, there are thirteen items on the wheel, including:
Ballyhoo – Mud, gelatin, ice cream, oil, soap…
Big Top – Molasses, jelly, flour, feces, fish heads...
Ballyhoo – Blood, itching powder, and good ole H2O.

Berri – As the hosts were reading the list of things, I was like, “Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope…” If the first thing spun isn’t water or soap, I think I’m out.

Big Top – Everyone, take your spots!

-Some players (Amanda) have difficulty climbing onto their tubes and staying put since they wobble a little, so as soon as Amanda is somewhat on her tube, the hosts start the challenge.-


-Amanda falls into the water.-

Ballyhoo – And just like that, Amanda is out of the challenge!
Big Top – You know, I didn’t think she would even get past “set”.
Ballyhoo – I wasn’t waiting for her anymore. If she would’ve fallen in, we would’ve made a judgment call.

-5 minutes in, and everyone but Amanda is still on his or her tube.-

Big Top – Let’s go ahead and spice things up, shall we?!
Katherine - Crap…
Big Top – Maybe!!

-Ballyhoo spins the wheel.-

BlazBlue Voice – The wheel of fate is turning!
Ballyhoo – What the hell?!
Big Top – I figured we’d bring her back for this.

-The wheel lands on oil.-

Big Top – Aw, man!
Ballyhoo – Oil!

-Ballyhoo pulls the oil lever and watches as it splashes down on top of the players.-

Big Top – This should make things a tad more slippery.

-Vaas slips into the water. Nicole looks over and smiles as his head resurfaces. A few moments later and Nathan and Tumble fall into the water as well.-

Ballyhoo – That took out more people than expected.

-A few more minutes elapse. The oil has dried up a bit, but Nicole starts to wobble.-

Nathan – Hang in there, Nicole!
Nicole – I can’t…get it…to…

-And with that, Nicole falls into the water below, just a few minutes before Ballyhoo spins the wheel a second time.-

Ballyhoo – Let’s see what comes up next!

-Ballyhoo spins the wheel.-

BlazBlue Voice – The wheel of fate is turning!
Hosts – ICE CREAM!!

-Ballyhoo pulls the ice cream lever. It doesn’t come out as quickly as the oil, but the players immediately react to the cold against their skin.-

Katherine – OH MY GOD!
Angel – This sucks.
Katherine – I am freezing already. This doesn’t help.

-After another minute or so, Traveler forces himself into the water.-

Big Top – Couldn’t take anymore, Traveler?

-Traveler shakes his head.-

Traveler – (-Traveler holds up pieces of his cloth body revealing stains. He then shows a scenario where he is put inside a washing machine. He places a huge, red “X” over the image as, while he is made of cloth, he couldn’t survive a spin cycle.-)

-Again, in between wheel spins, Franziska runs out of energy and drops off of her tube. Two minutes after that, Ballyhoo prepares to spin the wheel again.-

Ballyhoo – Everyone remaining is still holding on very strong!
Big Top – Let’s change that!

-Ballyhoo spins the wheel.-

BlazBlue Voice – The wheel of fate is turning!
Ballyhoo – Ooo! This is good!
Big Top – MUD!! Woop woop! Finally, something gross!

-Ballyhoo quickly pulls the mud lever and watches as it splashes down on the contestants. Everyone but Sly immediately has issues with mud being in their face due to their hair. Katherine struggles with it the most.-

Katherine – I never would’ve imagined that I would’ve had to have dealt with mud falling on my head when I chose to give myself bangs.
Sly – I’m doing great.
Katherine – I'm so happy for you...

-Time elapses yet again. No one falls off after pouring water, another layer of ice cream, and flour. After about an hour, Katherine wobbles and falls in. Angel, not expecting a splash, falls in immediately after her leaving only Berri, Dagran, Purna, and Sly. Ballyhoo spins the wheel.-

BlazBlue Voice – The wheel of fate is turning!

Berri – I didn’t think I’d make it that long. The wheel was on my side in the beginning. I knew that I’d end up dropping early if it wasn’t, but the more I saw people fall into the water, I was kind of excited!

Big Top – YES!!! POOP!!
Berri – Fuck it. I quit.

-Berri falls into the water before Ballyhoo can pull the lever. Dagran, Purna, and Sly are dumped.-

Sly – This is glamorous.
Purna – I’ve dealt with worse.
Dagran – Same.

-The final three remain on their tubes for quite awhile. A discussion ends up taking place between them and the hosts.-

Ballyhoo – How’re you guys doing?!
Sly – We’re doing great, Ballyhoo!
Nathan - Is that a hint of corn I smell out there?
Sly - Ha...ha...ha...
Big Top – Anyone dropping anytime soon?!
Dagran – Not a chance.
Purna – I’m not moving until you have to pry me off.

-Purna turns to Dagran and Sly and works up a deal.-

Purna – Seriously. After what went down yesterday, I’m staying put.
Ballyhoo – The next spin is coming up!

-Ballyhoo spins the wheel.-

BlazBlue Voice – The wheel of fate is turning!
Dagran – I had a hand in voting Tanya out. I’m not going to drop for you.
Purna – You don’t have to drop for me because I know you’re going to drop before me anyway. There’s no way I’m moving.

-Flour falls on top of the final three players as they each regain their focus.-

Sly – No one needed this win as much as Purna did at that moment. She was intense, man. I didn’t want to just give her a win though. If Dagran fell for her…maybe, but he wasn’t moving either. The LAST person I want after me is Franziska von Karma, so I sat there.

Dagran – Look, I know that Fran’s going to try to go after you this time. If you fall, I could talk to her.
Purna – Bullshit.
Dagran – Heh. You wouldn’t know unless you fell.
Purna – I can’t trust her; I can’t trust you.

-Dagran shrugs.-

Dagran – Okay…..WHOA!

-Because he slightly released his grip as he shrugged, Dagran starts to wobble. He catches himself for a second, but the tube ends up turning him completely upside down in the water. Purna smugly smiles, and Sly laughs at the spectacle.-

Purna – Not moving, Sly.
Sly – I didn’t ask.
Big Top – You two look like you could use a shower!

-Ballyhoo pulls the soap and water levers together without spinning the wheel.-

Big Top – We could smell you from here…
Sly – Thanks, Big Top!

-A few more minutes elapse. Sly looks over at Purna who looks back at him.-

Sly - I can't drop for you. Having Fran and Kat after me is the last thing on my list.
Purna - That wasn't on my list at all, yet it still happened.
Sly - I can't.

-Purna sighs.-

Purna - I don't expect you to.

-Many minutes later, the hosts have decided to wait it out. Sly looks over at a stone-faced Purna again. This time, she doesn't respond. Sly contemplates what to do and eventually gives in. Purna follows the splash with her head, smiles, and falls in after him.-

Ballyhoo – Congratulations, Purna! You are safe from tomorrow’s elimination!!
Big Top – The rest of you are fair game.

Franziska – So Purna wins immunity. She probably thought she needed it, but it’s not like she’s the only option. After yesterday, the lines were drawn. We have PLENTY of options. Now that Tanya’s gone, maybe we can start doing things right. Our group is manageable. We know who everyone is with. It’s just a matter of keeping it together until we can present our cases to each other. The fact that Angel and Berri already have votes against them helps because the rest of us are scot free.

-After the challenge, Nicole ambushes Nathan in the hallway. She pulls the sleeve of his shirt to prevent him from walking any further, and she leans in to speak quietly to him about her plans for the following morning.-

Nicole – If you’re still up for getting Vaas out of here, then let’s do it. I remembered our talk from yesterday, and I don’t think there’s any way Vaas will be able to work with anyone. He has to go. He’s the man in the middle. His elimination would cause the least resistance from the other side. Let’s go. Let’s get him out.
Nathan – I’m not the one you have to sell this to.
Nicole – Do you still have pull with Fran?
Nathan – I’m not sure.
Nicole – Out of all of us, I think you need to be the one to tell her. If it can’t be you, it’ll have to be Tumble or Traveler. Tumble doesn’t have a way with words, and Traveler speaks in storybook. We don’t have time for that.

-Nathan sighs.-

Nathan – I’ll talk to Katherine. She’s a listener. I don’t know if she’ll bite, but I know that she’ll sit there for what I have to say.
Nicole – Katherine is fine.

Nicole – Fran has me in her sights this round, but I think she’s still on good terms with Nathan, Tumble, and Traveler. I know she and Katherine are still tight, so if Katherine can be convinced, then maybe Fran can be too. My time here isn’t over yet. I may not be in bad shape anyway, but I want to ensure it.

-As Nathan walks down the stairs, Sly disappears from behind the corner of the wall. Nicole turns around sensing a presence, but Sly is already gone before she can spot him. Downstairs, Katherine is with her allies, like usual. Nathan sighs knowing that he may have to speak to all three at once.-

Franziska – Oh, hello, Nathan.
Katherine – Hi, Nate.
Nathan – You guys know anything good?
Franziska – Nothing that would interest you, old friend.

-Franziska turns to Dagran. Katherine looks at Nathan and shrugs, but while Nathan has only Katherine’s attention, he motions for her to follow him outside. She obliges.-

Katherine – Sorry about that in there, Nate. I don’t know what the current status is with everyone in our group anymore. It sucks because I personally get along with everybody.
Nathan – I know, and because of that, you may be the one to get to Fran.
Katherine – What are you thinking?
Nathan – We need to eliminate Vaas NOW. If we don’t, he can do severe damage later on. He’s no good for anyone.
Katherine – I agree, but Fran is stating her case to everybody too.

Katherine – The thing about Fran is that she has gotten over her wavering tendencies. She feels like she messed up the last few votes and needs to stick to a plan. Nate’s coming to me with this information on a Vaas boot, but as much as Fran and I get along, I don’t know if she’d be willing to go against what she’s thinking. She’s a lawyer through and through. Once she builds up a solid case against someone, it’s tough for her to go back on it.

Katherine – I mean, the way it is now, Fran has already told a handful of people, so if they vote out Nicole while Fran steps back, then sure…Vaas is gone, but she’s not going to be in the best spot. Nicole is going to know that Fran set up the votes against her.
Nathan – We can explain everything to Nicole. She’ll understand.
Katherine – I don’t know…
Nathan – Or…Fran can vote Nicole if she wants to. I think you could separate yourself just a little bit and vote with us.
Katherine – Nathan…

-Franziska comes outside.-

Franziska – What’s going on here?
Nathan – Jesus Christ…
Franziska – If we’re talking about the game, then Katherine is with me. She discusses things with me, and if you have something to say to her, then you need to also say it to me, Nate. Do I make myself clear?
Nathan – Could you let her off of her leash for one god damn second?!
Katherine – I’m not on a leash. I can think for myself.
Nathan – Fuck. We could all be working together right now! All of this bitterness is counterproductive!
Franziska – Then what do you propose, Nathan Drake?
Nathan – Vaas helps no one. We tried to get rid of him last time, but you were so dead set on sending Tanya home. Why get rid of numbers when we still have people we can take out as a group?! Can’t we fight each other later?!
Franziska – There can’t be people in my alliance that choose to go behind my back and make plans without me. That is not an alliance. That is not a cohesive group. That is not an agreed upon decision.
Nathan – Neither is a decision that you make yourself and expect people to follow.
Franziska – My decision is a good one. It’s a solid one.
Nathan – Oh, really? Then why have the votes been so messed up?
Franziska – Look. That was where the trend started. I took the leadership position since no one else was willing to take it...
Nathan - Oh, COME...ON!!!
Franziska - There are new targets presented to us daily, but I’m the one that pinpoints one first. That’s the plan. We stick to it. Angel, Berri, and especially Amanda are easy to sway. If you want to stick with us, you can vote with us. If you don’t, go with your own idea but good luck pulling anyone else in. Vaas is not going to work with you. We are not going to work with you.


Franziska – So if you’re finished attempting to sway me to allow YOU to take control of the vote, then I will go back inside with my ally and my friend. Come, Katherine.

-Nathan raises an eyebrow at Katherine who is visibly uncomfortable with the whole situation.-

Franziska – C’mon!

-Katherine whispers to Nathan before following Franziska inside.-

Katherine – I’ll think about it…

-Nathan nods.-

Nathan – Kat’s not one of those people who simply tells you what you want to hear. I genuinely believe that she’ll consider the vote. The only problem is that she never leaves Fran’s side, so if she ever brings it up again to Fran, the plan is over. I have one job this time. If I fail at it, I may as well kiss everything goodbye.

-Once the girls go inside, Nathan places his fingers on his forehead and sighs before walking in himself. As the three walk in, they catch Traveler speaking with Dagran about the exact same thing.-

Franziska – I can’t leave ANYONE for one second!
Nathan – I’m not the only one that thinks Fran has the wrong idea, Kat.

-Traveler shows himself handing Dagran the challenge earlier.-

Franziska – This isn’t changing my mind.

-Nathan intensely stares into Fran’s face.-

Nathan – This is why no one came to you.

-Nathan and Traveler walk away from the threesome and exchange information on how things went down for each other.-

Nathan – Katherine said she would think about it. I’m sure Dagran said the same thing.
Traveler – *Ping*
Nathan – Do you even know how many votes we need?

-Traveler has written on a piece of cloth the number of votes. He points at himself, Nathan, Tumble, Purna, and Nicole first.-

Nathan – That’s five.

-Traveler then points at Katherine and Dagran.-

Nathan – That’s seven! We need them.

-Traveler nods.-

Nathan – With Katherine and Dagran in on the plan and Angel being informed about it yesterday, I feel pretty good about Vaas finally getting the boot and no longer being able to terrorize anymore.

-The next morning, the hosts call the cast into the lobby for yet another elimination. Everyone’s nervous about the possible outcome. Nathan and Katherine make eye contact with each other. Nathan smiles, and Franziska aggressively crosses her legs and maintains a stern look. The hosts open up the floor.-

Big Top – Welcome to your fourth elimination, everyone. Glad to see you’re all doing…okay?
Ballyhoo – I sense a tense aura in the room. Franziska, you look like you’re ready to get the vote over with.
Franziska – I am. We’ve had a couple of people try to change my mind as well as my alliance members’, but right now, I am feeling fairly confident that it didn’t work.
Ballyhoo – By assessing the group here, it seems as though you are the only one truly confident about what will happen this morning.
Franziska – That’s because I don’t feel that the repercussions for my actions will be as strong as the others. Everybody here knows where I stand.
Big Top – Yet people still came to you to try to get you to vote their way?
Franziska – Yes.
Nathan – No.

-Franziska rolls her eyes.-

Ballyhoo – Nathan?
Nathan – Like Fran said, everyone here knows that when her mind is made up, that’s it. People think that she flip-flopped before, but the problem was that she stuck to her guns too hard in declaring herself the leader and making the decisions for everyone else. Therefore, mistakes were made. She hasn’t learned from that.
Franziska – I know who I can trust. That’s a decision I feel comfortable with, and if you’re NOT in that group, then you can go now or later. It does not matter to me. The thing is, the stronger a case I can work against you, the better.
Ballyhoo – Does Nathan have a strong case against him?
Franziska – Oh, absolutely!

-Nathan shakes his head.-

Ballyhoo – So where does everyone else stand in this? Sly, of the rest of the group, you seem fairly comfortable as well.
Sly – Well, that’s because I pay attention to what’s going on around me. I know exactly where the votes are going, and Kat wasn’t the only person Nate talked to.

-Nathan looks confused.-

Sly – Seriously, if you want your conversations to be private, stay out of the hallway. Even then, it’s not too difficult to listen through the doors…Nicole.

-Nicole looks at Sly confused.-

Sly - And Vaas.
Vaas - Excuse me. Do I know you?
Nicole – What are you even talking about?
Sly – You failed to mention to your alliance that you had been working with Vaas on the side, and the only reason Nathan talked to you yesterday was to save you and eliminate Vaas thus strengthening your own alliance against Fran. This isn’t anything new. It happened last season, and it’s happening again. Tanya said it best. Fran is the Nova of this cast.
Franziska – I object!
Nicole – That’s ridiculous!
Nathan – I’ve been trying to work with Fran since the beginning, Sly! You may hear clearly, but you still have no fucking idea what’s going on around you.
Franziska – I am not a Nova.
Big Top – That’s a strong statement from Sly to compare you to one of the most infamous players of recent time, Fran.
Franziska – It’s just a wild comparison. If every lawyer compared a defendant’s crimes to someone else’s, then we’d never have a fair trial. It’d be completely based off of what happened with someone else, and that’s NOT fair. I am MUCH more active than Nova, and unlike her, I can keep an ally.

-Sly smirks.-

Ballyhoo – So, Sly, after putting all of this out the open, do you know where you stand?
Nathan - He stands outside our bedrooms evidently.
Sly – Ballyhoo, not completely, but I do think it’s funny that some people believe they can get away with things when there’s no telling what or who is just around the corner. I’ve heard a lot of talk. I may not understand it 100%, but I at least know where people stand with each other. The alliances are pretty clear-cut, and that alone should tell us where the votes are going.
Ballyhoo – To shift focus a little bit, Berri, both you and Angel have received votes in the past. I don’t think it’s any secret that you two are friends. Are you expecting to receive votes this time?
Berri – We better not.


Big Top – Angel, maybe you can say a little more about it.
Angel – Well, I believe this morning, people need our votes. We’ve been approached by Nate and Fran, and both of them have pleaded to us their cases. I think it would be a surprise to see my face or Berri’s as one of the ones who received the most votes. Honestly, I hope that Nate and Fran DO have strong alliances that vote with them because they’re the only ones that approached me, and that’s the only way I know I’m not getting votes. If people don't trust them, then I guess I could be gone.
Ballyhoo – Well, let’s see if you’re right. Purna, you are immune this morning, so no votes can be cast against you. We do need for you to vote first, however, so please take this and get us going.

-Ballyhoo hands Purna the stylus. She casts her vote and passes the stylus to Nicole.-

Nicole – I think we talked to everyone we possibly could that would potentially budge. There’s no hope of Fran ever pulling through for someone else. Even her wins in the courtroom are for herself and not for her clients, and people think I’m greedy. If I would’ve brought Valkyr with me, I would probably be on an immunity streak right about now. That would've been greedy. I should've just packed it anyway.

-Nicole passes the stylus to Nathan.-

Nathan – Hopefully we have the votes we need. Fran made it perfectly clear that Kat is under her thumb. If Kat wants to prove that she’s willing to make moves that matter, she needs to separate herself from Fran for just one vote. Just one! It’s not like our alliances are so opposed that she’d be at the bottom. I’d love to work with Katherine…but only if she’s willing to work with me.

-Nathan passes the stylus to Traveler, who passes to Tumble, who passes to Katherine.-

Katherine – A lot is riding on me and my vote today. I feel fine in my current position, but I don’t want people to think that I’m just some lap dog. I’ve been walked over before. In my opinion, the old situation was far worse than this, but how can people know that I’ve changed and am stronger on the outside if I have people making decisions for me here? I’m no better than Tanya and Purna two rounds ago.

-Katherine passes the stylus to Franziska, who passes to Dagran, who passes to Angel, who passes to Berri, who passes to Amanda, who passes to Sly, who passes to Vaas.-

Vaas – Nicole is no longer an ally, and from what I have heard, it is between her and me, sooo…ehhhh. I think I choose for myself to survive over her.

-Vaas points his fingers like a gun at the camera and makes a single shooting noise with his voice.-

Vaas – So long. Adios. Sayonara. Good fucking bye. Haha!

-Vaas happily hands the stylus back to Ballyhoo before forcefully wedging himself between Nathan and Nicole. Nathan rolls his eyes while Nicole looks at Vaas with a disgusted expression. Vaas lays his head on Nathan's shoulder. Nathan tries to shrug it off, but he fails.-

Ballyhoo – Let’s see how the votes fall.

-The portraits disappear in this order: Purna, Amanda, Tumble, Dagran, Katherine, Berri, Angel,  Sly, Traveler, Franziska, and Nathan.-

Ballyhoo – Nicole and Vaas, it has come down to the two of you. I’m guessing this was the expected outcome.
Nicole – It was. I mean, I wasn’t 100% sure Franziska would vote for me, but it looks that way.
Big Top – The two former allies are facing off against each other. Which one of you has the most support?

-After a few seconds, Nicole’s picture turns gray.-

Ballyhoo – Nicole, you received eight votes.
Nathan – Fuck.
Nicole – Not a single one helped us out.
Franziska - They'd be dumb to flip.
Ballyhoo – Please say your last words.
Nicole – Well, it’s been a huge back and forth. I figured it’d be fun to work with Vaas AND Fran as a fellow cutthroat person myself, but it didn’t work out. I guess we’re all leaders, and we just couldn’t handle following each other. That being said, everyone here needs to be careful of who they trust. Something is going to have to change here. As for me, this was pretty eye-opening. I’m not as bad as people back home think I am, at least not in this situation. Thanks for letting me play.

-Ballyhoo nods, and Big Top smiles as Nicole makes her exit. Everyone but Franziska, Sly, and Vaas wave goodbye to her.-

Big Top – Eight votes.
Ballyhoo – Before discovering who was eliminated, I thought this group was a little more split.
Big Top – The four of you that didn’t get your way will need to do something drastic to make up for this loss.
Ballyhoo – So long, everybody. We’ll see you at the next challenge.

-The cast and hosts clear out of the lobby as the screen fades to black.-


Vaas – Nathan, Nicole, Purna, Traveler, Tumble
Nicole – Amanda, Angel, Berri, Dagran, Franziska, Katherine, Sly, Vaas
Season 7 - Episode 3

-After Krystal’s elimination, Nicole leaves the area as soon as she can. Tumble is a complete mess, and Franziska and Katherine are consoling him.-

Tumble – The vote was SEVEN to EIGHT! I ruined it! Fran never changed her vote. It was those girls who said that Krystal was the one that needed to go! Now she’s gone, and it’s all my fault! I messed up!

Tumble – I was t…t…told that you all changed your m…minds.
Katherine – Who told you?

-Tumble doesn’t say anything. He points in the direction of Purna and Tanya.-

Franziska – Why didn’t you come back to us and say point blank that you were eliminating Krystal?
Tanya – We figured we had settled it yesterday afternoon.
Franziska – You didn’t go to anyone else and say, “We’re voting for Krystal, so why don’t you join us?”
Tanya – If we didn’t go to anyone, we wouldn’t have had eight votes. You asked me yesterday what I thought. I said Krystal. Purna agreed. Krystal showed up; we left. I assumed with the first vote that we didn’t need to double check because it was set in stone the moment Johnny left, but then again…that was YOUR choice.
Franziska – You went behind our backs. You knew that Krystal wasn’t our vote because you were sitting in here thinking it was Vaas just a few minutes ago.
Purna – Then whose fault is that for not confirming it with us?
Tanya – I agree. Fran, if you were SO concerned about us voting the same way, you would’ve come to us sooner. It would have saved you a lot of trouble. Two way street. You’re a lawyer. I understand you like arguing your case and finalizing what you think you need to do, but now you need to start listening to others or else we’re finished.

-Katherine is looking on and rubbing Tumble’s head. He has calmed down slightly.-

Katherine – It would probably be good if this alliance was terminated. The lack of communication between these people is causing a lot of disarray. The only problem with us splitting up is that based on how the votes were cast, I would be in the minority.

-Purna and Tanya walk away yet again.-

Franziska – We have to drop them.
Katherine – Yeah, I mean alliances are starting to form pretty well now. Communication with them has come to a standstill.
Franziska – No, I mean we need to drop them hard.
Katherine – Vote them out?
Franziska – Yes. We've stopped communicating, but they still know too much. It’s the best step to take. I don’t know how many more rounds we’re going to go before they start targeting us too.
Katherine – What about Nathan and Nicole?
Franziska – I think we can still hold onto them, but of course we’ll need some extra members. Tumble, are you up for it?
Tumble – Oh, of course! As long as I know who needs to go for sure then I can do it.
Franziska – This is actually a really good start. I don’t think anyone would oppose trying to target one of those girls first for just this round.
Katherine – The thing is, we’re at square one again now. Krystal’s gone. If we’re targeting Purna or Tanya, then how do we manage the people who still want Berri out?
Franziska – WE wanted Berri out, and now we don’t.
Katherine – That’s true. Still, I don’t know. This is such a bandwagon group.
Franziska – That’ll change in two days.

Franziska – I need an alliance where I know exactly what everyone with me is doing at all times. We don’t need this running around. When you create chaos like that, you only hurt yourself. Come in with a plan, attack, and (in my case) win.

-Franziska and Katherine send Tumble to his room to be alone and head off in another direction to find some new allies. With Dagran being the most approachable to the two in terms of forming an allegiance, they speak with him.-

Dagran – So the latest girl band is breaking up?
Franziska – It didn’t work out.
Dagran - So soon?
Franziska - Dagran, please.
Dagran – Besides the two of you, who can you trust for sure?
Franziska – Tumble, absolutely, and I think Nate is still in our corner.
Katherine – Do you have anyone that you could pull in?
Dagran – Maybe, but this just feels weird to me.
Franziska – Saying no to a strong alliance when it’s staring you in the face is a death wish.
Dagran – Is it, though? Looks to me like it’s just you two and Tumble versus everyone else.

-The girls stare at him unamused.-

Dagran – I’m kidding! Look…if you need my vote, I’ll see if I can work something out. The thing is, it all depends on who you want gone. My allies come first.
Katherine – And who are they again?
Dagran – I’m not telling. This is where our trust is tested.

Dagran – Fran worries me. She is the type of person that will get you before you get her as proven by the fact that she wants either Purna or Tanya out. She trusted them. The eliminations thus far really haven't shaken much up, so I suppose Fran gave herself the job of creating a guilty party when there really isn't one. That is frightening.

-While all of this is happening, Angel and Berri are having a spat in Angel’s room over the votes and how Angel did not stand up for Berri when he had the opportunity.-

Angel – You could've been voted out, Berri.
Berri – No thanks to you! You started talking about me dropping from the challenge early and how it hurt you SO much.
Angel – People know we’re together. If they know that, they’ll either want to work with us, or they’ll want to get rid of us. I want them to work with us.
Berri – I want them to leave us alone. We’re not hurting anybody.
Angel – Well, we’re not helping either.

Angel – If I’m going to be associated with Berri, she’s going to need to control her temper. She can’t continue to snap at people, and she certainly needs to start listening to me. She was on my side in the beginning, and I’m TRYING to show her that I’m on hers too.

Angel – One second. I think I know who we can practice on to maybe control your urge to be mean to everybody.
Berri – I don’t think I’m mean.
Angel – You’re mean.
Berri – I'm not, and fuck you for thinking so.

-Angel rolls his eyes and leaves the room. Berri waits a few seconds before Angel returns with Amanda.-

Angel – Ta-da!
Amanda – Hehehe…
Berri – What is your girlfriend going to do?
Angel – Okay, first of all…stop. Second of all, you can practice being nice on her. Amanda, you won’t be upset if Berri says something mean to you, right?
Amanda – Right.
Angel – She’s doing her best, so if she’s rude, she doesn’t mean it.
Amanda – Okay.
Angel – Okay, Berri, give it a try.
Berri – Fuck… Um… Can I have a topic?
Angel – You’re going to need to do this on your own.
Berri – I can’t see anything positive about this

-Berri uses her hand, palm up, to point in Amanda’s direction. Amanda frowns. Angel grabs Amanda’s arm and reassures her.-

Amanda - That wasn't nice...
Angel – She doesn’t mean it. She doesn’t mean it.
Amanda – Okay.
Angel – Talk about…her hair. It’s cute, right?
Amanda – It’s natural. Hehe.
Angel – Precious. Okay, Berri, your turn.
Berri – Okay um… Amanda… Your hair is so golden.
Angel – Nice. Keep going.
Berri – Your hair is so golden, it uh… matches... the plaque on your teeth?
Angel – Fucking hell.
Amanda – Oh…

Angel – Thank goodness Amanda is missing a few up top because I don’t see Berri striking up a conversation with anyone else.

Amanda - What do you think of me, Angel?
Angel - You're...uh...unique, and you're a great listener.
Amanda - Hehe. I'll always listen to you.
Berri - Gross...

-Amanda hugs Angel's arm and smiles in Berri's direction.-

Amanda - Angel likes me! I can see it in his eyes! I can! Now...if only that rat girl could get out of my way... She's such a meanie! If I could, I'd put her on a stick and make her kiss my friends when they're bad. Hahaha!

-The next morning, Nathan is awoken by a weight on his bed. Vaas is sitting on the edge of it staring in Nathan’s face. Before Nathan can get up, Vaas leans in and places his hand firmly on the other side of Nathan, trapping him in.-

Nathan – You really need to stop doing this.
Vaas – I do what I feel is necessary whenever I feel it is necessary, and right now, I need information. So this is necessary.
Nathan – Couldn’t we sit and talk like normal people?
Vaas – No. Now listen. I want to know why that girl thought Fran and the others were voting me out.
Nathan – I know nothing about that.
Vaas – You were there. You heard her. If she said my name there then someone must have mentioned it before. You talk to them, yes?
Nathan – You were never considered Vaas.
Vaas – I am voting with you. I am a valuable number. This is a game, yes?
Nathan – Yes.
Vaas – If you say my name, you lose a number in me.
Nathan – Alright.
Vaas – You lose me

-Vaas presses his index finger against Nathan’s chest.-

Vaas - …you lose.
Nathan – This is not a good start to our morning, pal.

Vaas – Nathan, Nathan, Nathan… The more he responds, the more I want to mess with him. It is all too easy, but it is also entertaining. He flinched a little today the moment he opened his eyes. It brought me MUCH joy. I like joy, but he doesn't seem to get it. Soon... Soon, he will snap out of it.

-At the challenge later in the day, Ballyhoo and Big Top lead the players into the casino of the hotel where seven PLINKO® style game boards are standing vertically.-

Big Top – Welcome to your next challenge!
Ballyhoo – In this challenge, you will be divided up into pairs. The object of this game is simple: One of you will drop a ball down a board where pegs will alter the path the ball takes.
Big Top – Your partner down below will attempt to catch the ball and run up the stairs to swap places with you.
Ballyhoo – If the player catching the ball happens to drop it, he or she will have to retrieve the ball, run upstairs, hand the ball to the dropper, and run back down.
Big Top – It wastes A LOT of time to drop a ball because each pair only gets one.
Ballyhoo – The first pair to catch six balls collectively will win the challenge and will be safe during the next elimination!
Big Top – Please split into pairs now, and we will begin shortly thereafter.

-Tanya immediately makes a beeline to Purna to pair up with her.-

Tanya – Fran is making Purna and me uneasy. I don’t think she’d be stupid enough to vote one of us out, but we can’t take the chance of only one of us possibly winning immunity this time. We both have to go for it together. All or nothing, and I hope to whatever higher deity exists that it's "all".

-The pairs are as follows: Amanda/Tumble, Angel/Berri, Franziska/Katherine, Nicole/Sly, and Purna/Tanya. Dagran, Nathan, and Traveler are finishing up a discussion before pairing off while Vaas looks on in the distance.-

Nathan – Thank you for trading with me, Dagran.
Dagran – Hey, it was up to Traveler. If he didn’t want to work with Vaas, there was nothing I could do.
Nathan – Thanks, Traveler.

-Nathan pats Traveler on his back.-

Traveler – (-He displays an image of stiff, doll-like versions of Nathan and Vaas and hits them together as if to demonstrate how they butt heads. Then Traveler shakes his head.-)

Vaas – Awww, Nathan doesn’t want to play with me?

-Traveler shrugs.-

Vaas – What’s wrong Nathaaan?! You don’t want to be friends?!
Nathan – Good luck, Vaas!
Vaas – Yeah, good luck to you, pal.

Traveler – (-Using the same image as before, he presses them up against each other again as if they were making out. It's clear by Traveler's constant pinging and body movement that he's laughing at the idea.-)

Ballyhoo – If all of the partners have been selected, we can begin the challenge!

-Each pair stands at their designated station ready to begin. Amanda, Angel, Franziska, Nicole, Purna, Nathan, and Traveler will drop their balls first.-

Ballyhoo – Don’t forget that just because we start at the same time, each of your rhythms will be COMPLETELY different.
Big Top – Don’t drop the ball!
Ballyhoo – Get ready!
Big Top – Get set!
Hosts – GO!!!

-The teams start dropping their balls down the “Plinko” boards. Berri, Sly, Tanya, Dagran, and Vaas all catch their balls. Everyone else accidentally lets theirs get away. In spite of her team not gaining a point, Amanda claps for Angel…(and Berri). Tumble is the last player to retrieve his team’s ball and run it up to Amanda.-

Tumble – Make sure you pay attention to me down below, okay?
Amanda - …
Tumble – Don’t you understand?

-Amanda shrugs.-

Amanda – Angel told me not to listen to anybody else.
Tumble – But I’m your partner!
Amanda – If he wins, I win! 
Tumble – That’s not… He's on a different... What?!

-Tumble runs back down completely confused.-

Tumble – I don’t know what kind of pull Angel has on Amanda, but it really affected the challenge today! My little legs just couldn’t run fast enough, and Amanda waited to let her ball go only when Angel was throwing his…

Tumble – Hey, Amanda! I’m standing over here! Make sure you throw it here!

-Angel drops his ball, so Amanda just drops it where she’s standing and giggles.-

Amanda – Yay, Angel! We did it!
Tumble – No!!! I can’t catch it on that side!!!

-Tumble dives for the ball and misses again. He runs to retrieve his ball and carry it back up to Amanda.-

Tumble – This is gosh darn exhausting…

Tumble - Needless to say, it was difficult, and I don’t want to be her partner anymore. I’m really sorry if that was mean, but that’s just how I feel…

-After just a few turns: Angel/Berri and Traveler/Vaas have four balls. Dagran/Nathan and Purna/Tanya have five. Everyone is exhausted…none more than Tumble who is sitting down with his cheek leaning on his fist. He lets out a loud sigh while looking in Amanda’s direction. Amanda doesn’t notice.-

Vaas – Hey, Nathan!! Don’t mess up!!

-Nathan rolls his eyes as Dagran drops his final ball.-

Vaas – On the right! On the right, Nathan!!

-Nathan misses his ball, but because he was heckling Nathan, Vaas dropped his as well.-

Vaas – Whoops! That one went right past us, friend!!
Nathan – Shut up…

-Nathan runs his ball up to Dagran opening the door for Purna and Tanya to score.-

Tanya – The more Vaas heckled Nathan, the better off Purna and I were. All we needed was one ball, and she was the one catching it. We were both tired, and it needed to happen so that we could let Fran know that we are in control of our place in this game, and there’s nothing she can do to change it.

Tanya – Purna! I’m dropping it on the left!!
Purna – Got it!

-Tanya drops her ball. As it bounces, Franziska watches nervously. The ball takes a hard turn towards the center of the board at the end of its journey, and although Purna touched it, she couldn’t hold onto it.-

Purna – DAMN IT!!
Tanya – Fuck… That’s okay! Bring it back!
Franziska - *whispering* C’mon, Nate…

-Vaas catches his ball and swaps places with Traveler. Now there is a three-way tie at the end.-

Vaas – Don’t mess up, Nate!!

-Dagran, Tanya, and Vaas drop their balls at nearly the exact same time. As the balls are bouncing, pretty much everyone else stops to watch since it’s likely one of the three will get it. The casino is quiet, even Vaas.-

Tumble – The whole time, it was pretty hectic. I mean like…everybody was running back and forth like mad people, and I think by the end of it, they were so tired. I know I was, and I didn’t even last as long. I’m pretty sure Amanda threw the ball down one last time, and I just didn’t go for it… I couldn’t do it.

-A close-up on one of the balls is shown as it drops into someone’s hands first.-


-Purna and Vaas are both holding their balls meaning they were able to catch theirs as well after a very close photo finish. Purna slams her ball into the ground in disgust.-

Ballyhoo – You guys will be safe in tomorrow’s vote.
Big Top – As for the rest of you……may the scrambling begin!
Ballyhoo – See you in the morning!!

-A shot of Franziska walking furiously behind Vaas is shown as the cast heads back into the main section of the hotel.-

Franziska – Vaas has put himself in harm’s way for tomorrow. His heckling Nathan could have given Purna and Tanya the win. If that would have happened, Vaas would’ve been our only choice. Maybe he should go anyway.

-Franziska sits with her entire group around the dining room table which currently only excludes Amanda, Angel, Berri, Sly, and Vaas. With Purna and Tanya sitting in the room as well, Franziska sits awkwardly without saying a word.-

Franziska – Only five of us aren’t here. Do we have any preferences?
Nathan – Vaas. His attitude about this whole thing just sets me off.
Tanya – We almost won because of him.
Purna – Too bad he shut up.
Tanya – Hahaha!

-Franziska looks annoyed, and Nicole is visibly uncomfortable about her ally’s name being brought up.-

Franziska – Traveler, he was your partner. I’m surprised you didn’t do anything.

-Traveler’s eyes widen in shock. He points at himself as if to say, “What did I do?!”-

Franziska – Of all the people, I figured Vaas working with you would be a good thing since you’re so calm and collected. I guess there are some people even you can’t bring down.

-Traveler squints his eyes and tilts his head. His eyes turn orange. The people beside him feel uneasy. Katherine slides away from him.-

Traveler – (-With orange eyes in the confessional, Traveler leans in as if to say “Are you kidding me?!” He does not appreciate being blamed for Vaas’s misbehavior.-)

Tumble – Well, I have a name too.
Franziska – I’m perfectly fine with going for Vaas tonight.
Tumble – Can I say something?
Tanya – So are we finished here? Vaas?
Franziska – Unless you have anything else to add.
Tumble – I do.
Tanya – No, we’re good.
Purna – I would suggest that we don’t get into it during the elimination this time.
Franziska – That shouldn’t be a problem. We said “Vaas”, so it’ll be “Vaas”.
Tumble – …
Nathan – Awesome. I'm overdue for a good night's sleep.

-The group begins to disband with only Dagran, Franziska, and Katherine sitting in the dining area. When Purna and Tanya walk far enough away, the trio starts calling people back in loud whispers.-

Franziska – Nate! NATE!
Nathan – What?!
Franziska – Come back! Get Tumble, and tell him to bring Nicole and Traveler back too.

Nathan – When Fran started calling me back, I said, “Here we go again.” It’s starting to get old. I was so satisfied with the vote before she called us back. I should've just ignored her.

-Nathan pulls Tumble back into the room and goes to fetch Nicole and Traveler.-

Tumble – Are you guys going to listen to what I had to say now?
Franziska – I heard you, Tumble, but I wanted those two to leave as quickly as possible.
Tumble – Which two?
Franziska – Tanya and Purna.

-Nathan reenters.-

Nathan – Traveler and Nicole are long gone. I couldn’t find them, so I came back.
Franziska – That’s fine. We can fill them in later.
Nathan – So what do you have us running back here for?
Franziska – What we have right now is solid, but we can make it better by dropping a couple of liabilities.
Nathan – Tanya and Purna?
Franziska – Yes.
Nathan – But they’ve been voting with us. I don’t think of them as liabilities until they do something to screw everything up. Vaas is a liability just by being here, and YOU witnessed that!
Franziska – But if you think about it, those two girls are not with us. Whenever they get the opportunity, they could split off with Vaas, Sly, or the alliance of three and spin the votes against one of us.
Nathan – Seven to seven. None of us have received votes yet. If you’re that paranoid, then let’s vote Berri or Angel tomorrow.
Katherine – Would that work?
Nathan – If the seven of us vote for Berri or Angel, one of them will leave no matter what, and we will be able to do whatever we want next time. Right now, I just don’t see Tanya and Purna being an issue.

Nathan – Just because Franziska doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Tanya and Purna doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t. They would be stupid to detach themselves from us right now because in spite of all that’s happened, the majority of us are working together pretty well.

-Nicole, once again, walks into Vaas’s room to deliver him the news of what’s going on. Sly catches on and sneaks over to the door to listen to the conversation.-

Sly – Ever since our little team challenge in the beginning, Nicole and Vaas have been buddy-buddy. They haven’t displayed this to everyone else, but I’ve been noticing their secret meetings. It happens the same time everyday. You’d think they’d change their location every now and then, but it sure helps me gather information from them.

Nicole – You’re gone, Vaas.
Vaas – I am right here.
Nicole – Because of your stupid actions today, you’re gone tomorrow morning, so have fun.
Vaas – I was having fun. These fuckers need to lighten up.
Nicole – Nate took it personally, your name was brought up as the main one to go, so you’re going. There’s nothing I can do to save you without everyone knowing I’m working with you on the side. If YOU want to save yourself, YOU need to save yourself.
Vaas - Why is it that whenever I am told that I'm safe by one Nathan Drake, you come along later to tell me that I am not?
Nicole - Because he's scared of you, and he wants you to go.
Vaas - If he is scared of me now...he will find out just how scary I can be tomorrow.
Nicole - Oh?
Vaas - Let's just say, I hope he packed his brown pants.

-Sly rubs his hands together outside as he walks away from the door.-

Sly – Heh heh…juicy.

-Before bed, Tumble confesses to Traveler what he has been keeping inside of him during the big group meeting.-

Tumble – You know, I liked the idea to eliminate Angel or Berri tomorrow, but nobody listened to what I had to say. I was going to mention Angel myself, but nobody bothered to hear me out. I think he’s more dangerous than people are saying.

-Traveler turns to Tumble and tilts his head.-

Tumble – I mean, he already has Berri and Amanda, and Amanda said to me yesterday that if Angel wins, she wins. He’s got them wrapped around his fingers. Fran has every right to worry about a tie tomorrow because it may very well happen.
Traveler - *ping*

Tumble – I don’t think Fran sees the trouble she’s causing. As far as I know, Purna and Tanya weren’t even informed about the change. If they were willing to come to me to mess up Fran’s vote last time, then I know they’ll do the same again if they feel they’re in danger.

Tumble – I think that as long as this alliance stays together, the two of us need to work with each other to make sure we’re safe. I’m all for a numbers game, but it doesn’t hurt to have a friend.

-Traveler nods.-

Tumble – Fran treated me like a friend, but I know she doesn't respect me.

-The next morning, Vaas, even more aggressively than before, pins Nathan down to his bed. Vaas stares at him in the eyes only inches from Nathan’s face.-

Vaas – You’ve done it.
Nathan – What are you talking about?
Vaas – I don’t know if you’re brave…

-Vaas places his cheek against Nathan’s to whisper into his ear.-

Vaas - …or stupid.
Nathan – You’re crazy.
Vaas – No, I’m sick.
Nathan – Whatever you wanna call it, buddy.
Vaas – I’m sick of your shit, Mr. Drake. You tell me now that I am going, or your next few hours will be hell.

-Nathan grits his teeth and shakes his head.-

Nathan – You want to know the truth, Vaas?
Vaas – Yesss…
Nathan – Okay then. I tried to get you out, but nobody else sees the crazy in you that I see. If you keep this up, you will be gone, so keep it up! I welcome you to do something to me so that everyone can see!
Vaas – I may take you up on that offer, but for now I'm safe?

-Nathan sighs.-

Nathan – For now.
Vaas – Hurray! This is GREAT! We get to spend more time together. Aren't you excited?

-Nathan turns his head.-

Vaas - I see... Well, I am excited.

-Vaas slides his hand up Nathan’s neck, grips his jaw, and turns his head to look back at him.-

Vaas – Now I have more time to see what really gets under your skin.

-Nathan shoves Vaas’s hand off of his face and pushes Vaas onto the floor with all his power.-

Nathan – You are a psychopath! You're finished!
Vaas – HAHAHA! I’m just getting started, hermano!!

-Nathan storms out of the bedroom and starts yelling in the hallway knocking on doors disturbing everyone else and repeating the same line over and over.-

Nathan – VOTE VAAS!!
Vaas – And you called ME crazy?! HAHA!!
Nathan – FUCK YOU!!

Nathan – I have NEVER lost my cool like this! How could you even CAST someone like that?! If he puts his hands on me one more time, you guys are either going to have to remove him or remove me because that son of a bitch is gonna lose a limb.

Nathan – VOTE VAAS!!

-Franziska rips open her door.-

Franziska – What the hell are you doing?!
Nathan – Vote Vaas.

-Franziska yanks Nathan into her room. Katherine sits up in her bed but doesn’t contribute.-

Franziska – Shut up! We had a plan!
Nathan – We had a plan downstairs before YOU changed it, so I am changing it back! You don't see what I see!
Franziska – You’re not going to do it this way. It’s almost time to vote, and people are going to think you’re crazy.
Nathan – I’M CRAZY?!
Franziska – Right now, yeah!!
Nathan – Would you rather wait until he kills me in my sleep?!
Franziska - With all the cameras around, he'd be locked up in no time. At least there would be justice.
Nathan - You're crazy too!
Franziska - If you want him gone, FINE! You do what you can in the time you still have. At the rate you're going, you will be the one leaving this morning.
Nathan - Are you threatening me?
Franziska - You're doing this to yourself. I don't need to threaten.
Nathan - Well, if it happens, I would rather leave alive than leave in a body bag.
Franziska - Call me cruel, but a double elimination at your expense would only do me favors.
Nathan - Heh...this is unbelievable. I'm surrounded by psychos.
Franziska - Nathan, nothing is going to happen to you.
Nathan - While I go wrangle up some votes, you should work on your humor. Your delivery is way...WAY off.
Franziska - I'm not known for my humor.
Nathan - Yeah, I get that. See ya downstairs.

-There’s a montage of scrambling that occurs. No voices are heard, but Franziska and Nathan are running to different people informing them of who to eliminate. The montage ends with the hosts calling the cast down to the lobby to finally put the scrambling to rest. Neither Franziska nor Nathan is dressed for the occasion with Fran in her nightgown and Nathan in nothing but boxers and a pair of socks.-

Big Top – Okay, I have say before we start that Fran and Nate clearly dressed to impress this morning.
Franziska – We’ve been busy.

-Nathan nods.-

Ballyhoo – What’s been going on?
Angel – They have been running up and down the hall upstairs telling people who to vote for, and they have both spoken to everyone.
Ballyhoo – Have you settled on one person, Angel?
Angel – No. It's been too chaotic.
Dagran – This has all happened because Fran and Nate both STRONGLY want their own target to leave. For both of them, it’s a pretty personal choice.
Franziska – Well, my choice isn’t so much personal as it is a fear of there possibly being a tie today. I think Nathan’s last minute scrambling this morning increased my fears, so I had to run damage control behind him to make sure if one thing doesn’t happen, another thing will.
Ballyhoo – So Fran, you and Nate have discussed who should leave?
Franziska – Correct.
Ballyhoo – And now you disagree.
Franziska – Correct.
Nathan – I need to say something.
Ballyhoo – Go ahead.
Nathan – If she hadn’t changed the plan in the first place, none of this would have happened.

-Tanya looks confused.-

Nathan – We had a small meeting, and the original consensus was one thing. After a number of us left, it was changed.

-Tanya raises her hand.-

Big Top – Tanya?
Tanya – I was not informed of this change.
Purna – Neither was I.

-Traveler shook his head no and points at Tumble.-

Big Top – Traveler, what does that mean? Why did you point towards Tumble.
Tumble – I told Traveler what to do because he wasn’t there.
Angel – I was also not there.
Franziska – But I came to you.
Angel – Yeah, this morning.
Franziska – I want people to be informed of what’s going on.
Nathan – As do I.

-Ballyhoo facepalms.-

Ballyhoo – This is confusing…
Purna – You’re telling us.
Nathan – Like I said, this wouldn’t have happened if the original plan was stuck to.
Tanya – I only know of one plan, and that’s to eliminate Vaas.

-Vaas smiles.-

Big Top – And a name is dropped.
Vaas – Oh, I know, Big Top.
Big Top – And you’re okay with it?
Vaas – It’s not going to happen.
Franziska – I don’t want this morning to happen the way it did last time when Krystal was eliminated. I was not informed that she was the target. Some people decided to break away and eliminate her behind my back. This time, I made sure to let EVERYONE know what our intensions are this morning.
Ballyhoo – What happened with Krystal?
Franziska – Tumble can explain because he was blaming himself for it.
Ballyhoo – Tumble, the floor is yours.

-Tumble is visibly nervous.-

Tumble – Uh…well…I was approached in the morning by a few people who told me that the plan had changed to get rid of Krystal.
Big Top – Was it anything like this?
Tumble – No. I mean, I thought they talked to everybody else, but they didn’t. I guess they just talked to me.
Franziska – Tanya and Purna talked to him.
Purna – That was the final decision before WE were left out of the loop.
Tanya – And now I think we’re left out of the loop again.
Tumble – But I mean, I don’t feel betrayed by any of them. I don’t think Krystal was part of our alliance really, and I just assumed Tanya, Purna, and Nicole were her messengers.
Franziska – Wait…..
Katherine – Nicole?
Tumble – Oh…
Franziska – NICOLE came to you?!
Tumble – But…but…but it wasn’t a BAD thing! Krystal wasn’t our ally!
Franziska – That doesn’t matter! Why are people going behind our backs to tell others how to vote?!
Tanya – What’s shady is you leaving us out of the loop to begin with!!
Purna – Nicole, were you in their “big meeting” when they changed their vote yesterday?
Nicole – I was not.
Purna – See? This is why.
Franziska – You know what? Screw it.

-Franziska whispers to Katherine.-

Franziska – Plan C.
Katherine – C?
Franziska – Tell Dag.

-Tanya throws her hands up.-

Tanya - There's a Plan C! How many times can you change a fucking vote?

-Katherine whispers to Dagran while the hosts start to chuckle.-

Nathan – This is the very thing she was criticizing me for doing this morning, and now she’s doing it. It's bullshit.
Tanya - Seriously.

-Tumble turns to Traveler.-

Tumble – I’m voting as I was. I don't even know what Plan C is.

-Traveler nods. Tumble leans in to tell Nicole to vote Angel.-

Nicole – You screwed me.
Tumble – Please, this is the only way. I want to apologize.
Katherine – I really think we need to vote.
Franziska - Does everyone know what we're doing?
Nathan - If what you're doing is fucking things up, then yeah, sure. We get it.
Franziska - Nate, please.
Big Top – I have never seen this happen before.
Tanya - This makes things a little better for those of us Fran wants out, though. Half of us didn't even know there was a Plan B...much less a Plan C.
Ballyhoo – I think we have too many cooks in the kitchen this year.
Big Top – Yeah, last year’s cook was just nuts.
Ballyhoo – Dagran, since you and Nathan won and you don’t seem to be discussing anything with anyone at the moment, you vote first.

-Ballyhoo hands Dagran the stylus. Dagran votes and passes the stylus to Nathan.-

Nathan – Vaas is not only a liability to our alliance, but he’s not even a part of it. He makes things uncomfortable for everyone, and if Fran can’t see it, then maybe she isn’t as smart as I thought she was.

-Nathan passes the stylus to Traveler, who passes the stylus to Tumble.-

Tumble – I feel like I messed everything up…again, but after what Amanda said, I don’t think I need to change. If Fran is so concerned that a tie is going to happen, she needs to vote either Angel or Berri. This is ludicrous.

-Tumble passes the stylus to Nicole, who passes to Purna, who passes to Tanya, who passes to Sly, who passes to Katherine, who passes to Franziska.-

Franziska – I’m anxious to see where the votes fall this time because I feel this vote will show everyone exactly where we all stand. This is the decider, but if I’m in the minority again, I will simply fight even harder.

-Franziska passes the stylus to Angel, who passes to Berri, who passes to Amanda, who passes to Vaas.-

Vaas – This is absolutely glorious. I am not afraid of going home, but dear Nathan should be afraid of me when I stay. Instead of gathering votes for ME to go, perhaps he should have made things easy and simply quit. I hope to never see his fucking face again. Que descanses en pas, Nathan.

-Vaas runs his right index finger across his neck as if to slice it.-

-Vaas smiles joyfully as he hands the stylus back to Ballyhoo.-

Big Top – This should be interesting.

-The portraits disappear in this order: Dagran, Nathan, Sly, Katherine, Traveler, Nicole, Purna, Amanda, Franziska, Tumble, and Berri.-

Big Top - Angel, Tanya, and Vaas...
Ballyhoo – All three of you have received votes.
Big Top – And TWO of you are tied for the second most amount of votes earned.
Ballyhoo – It’s time to see who the last minute scrambling paid off for the most.
Big Top – Three targets…and the eliminated player is…

-After a few seconds, Tanya’s portrait turns gray.-

Franziska – Yes!
Ballyhoo – Tanya, you received six votes. That was enough to send you home.

-Tanya, clearly frustrated by the vote, simply nods her head in disgust. Nathan turns back to her.-

Nathan – She changed it again.

-Nathan then turns to Vaas who just smiles and waves by wiggling his fingers. Nathan slouches with his fist against his cheek.-

Tanya – This woman has to go, but now I think everyone sees it. She’s like Nova without the sex drive, the men, or the ability to win any of the challenges. Basically she's all the bitch without the talent.
Franziska – It's funny that you actually made an original contribution to who should leave as you yourself are leaving. So long, Tanya. It's been fun... NOT!
Tanya – Oh, goodbye. I’ll be sure to welcome you with open arms the moment I see you out of this game. Whether that means actual human arms or an AK-47 automatic'll just have to find out.
Franziska – Won’t be soon.
Tanya – Yes, it will.
Ballyhoo – Tanya, thank you so much for playing. It’s time for you to go.
Tanya – Thank you. Nate, Purna, kick ass. Fran…kick rocks.

-Tanya walks out of the hotel with confidence.-

Ballyhoo – This was one of the most confusing elimination ceremonies to date, and the person eliminated truly did not leave with that many votes against her.
Big Top – But it was enough.
Ballyhoo – It seems to me that the lines have been drawn, and a war between the rest of you has begun.
Big Top – Whether it’s a war between armies or not doesn’t matter.
Ballyhoo – Remember, there can only be ONE winner.
Big Top – Good luck!!

-Everyone exits the lobby as the screen fades to black.-


Angel – Nicole, Traveler, Tumble, Vaas
Vaas – Nathan, Purna, Sly, Tanya
Tanya – Amanda, Angel, Berri, Dagran, Franziska, Katherine
Season 7 - Episode 2

-After Johnny’s elimination, everyone is feeling pretty good about it…except Krystal.-

Krystal - Well, this sucks. I went and opened my big mouth to Berri before actually confirming for sure that everyone was going to eliminate Angel. Clearly, no one did. I trusted Johnny's ego, and now I'm paying the price for it.

Krystal - That did not go well.
Berri - I don't know why you listened to Johnny in the first place, hon. I thought it was pretty clear that no one liked him. And like I said before, Angel and I were votes too. You talked to me about the elimination, I tried to change your mind, but you went with Johnny anyway.

Berri - Krystal's going to have a difficult time changing my mind, and to be honest, I wouldn't care if she spent her last two days here moping around. The easier it is to get rid of someone, the better, and she's already made the next vote pretty easy.

-Berri leaves the lobby. Katherine stays behind to console Krystal.-

Katherine - This isn't over yet for you. I mean, Johnny was one thing. I don't think the fact that you were the only one with him is going to do you in. It was the first vote.
Krystal - That's great to hear.

-Krystal lowers her voice to avoid Berri hearing her.-

Krystal - She's been pretty rotten to me about this whole thing.
Katherine - Who? Berri?
Krystal - Yeah, I mean how was I supposed to know she and Angel were so tight?
Katherine - I think this just proves that you can't just spill your plans to anyone you speak to. Berri's here for herself. She may have been part of the majority this time, but that doesn't mean everyone else is working with her.
Krystal - Right.
Katherine - Who knows? Maybe she'll be next to go.

Krystal - So in spite of the vote, it still seems there's a little bit of hope for me in this game. I guess the trend right now is to avoid pissing a lot of people off. If I only annoy Berri, then I hope Katherine is right and I'll be fine. I just don't want to leave in a worse spot than Slippy did. That would be mortifying.

-Franziska quietly approaches Berri and Angel to talk to them about possibly aligning.-

Franziska – So with the recent events occurring the way they did, I was wondering if you two would be interested in forming something. I kind of hate that we never talked when we seem to have a good bit in common.
Berri - A good bit?
Franziska - When it was mentioned that people are already judging others based on their appearances, I could be one of the people the others are talking about.
Berri - Well...
Franziska - I like to hold myself to a high standard.

-Berri laughs.-

Franziska - ...
Angel – No, I completely understand where you're coming from. I have no problem coming to you for the next vote to increase the numbers.
Franziska – Yeah, maybe this time we can work something out.
Angel – Thanks for coming to us.

-Angel and Berri’s eyes follow Franziska as she walks away. Once she’s out of view, Angel slaps Berri on the shoulder.-

Angel – What the hell was that?
Berri – God! What?!
Angel – You’re giving her attitude for no reason!
Berri – When I feel something, I go with it. Wearing a suit on the first day doesn't automatically make you my best friend. She holds herself to a high standard just like I hold my friends to one. I don't even know her name.
Angel – You don’t know her name?
Berri - ……..Jan?
Angel – It’s Fran.
Berri – Whatever. It’s a boring ass soccer mom name. Fran, Jan, Anne…I don’t care. I don't like her.

-Angel facepalms.-

Angel – Berri wasn’t in any danger this morning, but I was. If people are playing the “guilty by association” game then me being associated with someone as loud as Berri could be problematic. I like her though. We get along. Maybe I can work with her to give her a bit more…suavity. I mean, she already has the confidence. She just needs a bit more elegance.

-Berri has her hands up her shirt tugging at her bra.-

Berri – God damnit, I think I need a new bra. It’s like I’m wearing a couple of plungers on my tits. Shit, is that underboob sweat already?! We haven’t even done anything!
Angel – Good god…
Berri – Krystal got me so fired up this morning, I already have to change.

-The drama has worn down later in the day. Dagran, Franziska, Katherine, Nathan, Purna, Tanya, Traveler, and Tumble are all sitting in the lounge relaxing.-

Franziska – I was talking with Berri and Angel earlier today. That is the first time I really ever spoke to them since coming here.
Dagran – Did they say anything interesting?
Franziska – Not really. I mean we pretty much knew that they voted out Johnny with us, but I thought it was interesting that THEY were the ones that planned to eliminate him. I like it when people go in with a game plan.
Tanya - Same.
Franziska - Tanya, he hit on you 24/7, yet you never said anything. You had a better idea of what was going on, but you had no original input.
Tanya – Well, since there was already a plan in place, I didn’t feel like arguing when we all pretty much agreed.
Franziska – Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming you.
Tanya – Why would we have been the ones to speak out when everyone pretty much agreed that he was annoying already?
Franziska – He was constantly harassing you. I personally had no problem with him. As my ally, I would've liked to have defended you.
Purna – If you knew what was going on, you could've done it.
Franziska - That's not the point.

Franziska – Tanya and Purna need to step up their games. There was a group discussion about who needed to go last night, and neither of them spoke up. Neither of them went to anyone else to inform them of what was going on, and the fact that I felt more empathy with two people I never spoke to over my own allies got me thinking that maybe these two girls aren't right for me.

-Cut to the following morning. The hosts are standing, once again, on the beach with a large group of short poles with one bag attached to each end of each pole.-

Ballyhoo – Welcome to your second challenge!
Big Top – I hope you all have rested well because this is going to be an individual challenge.
Ballyhoo – On the beach are a series of poles with bags attached to each end. They are CLEARLY marked with your name because each pair of bags contains half of your body weight.
Big Top – As you hold the bags on your shoulders, you must maintain balance on a small wooden platform.
Ballyhoo – The bags will maintain a consistent weight, but if you happen to fall off or drop your bags at any time, you will administer YOUR bags to someone else’s pole.
Big Top – BOTH of your bags will go to one person, so this will not only be a physical challenge but a strategic one as well.
Ballyhoo – For those of you with more than two bags, you may pass those around to multiple people. Just always make sure two bags are placed on the pole at opposite ends and that the bags match in color.
Big Top – I imagine quite a few of you will be pissed off after this one.
Ballyhoo – Take your spots, and we’ll get started.

Krystal - This challenge is going to do me in. Unless Katherine was able to talk to some people before now to maybe spare me a little extra weight, I may be one of the first ones out.

-Everyone stands up on their perches with bars in hand in preparation of the hosts’ “go”.-

Ballyhoo – Alright, place the bars on your shoulders and get ready to hold them there for awhile.
Big Top – Get ready.
Ballyhoo – Get set.
Hosts – GO!

-Berri immediately drops her bags and places them on Krystal’s pole.-

Big Top – Wow! The challenge has barely even begun, and Berri is already out!
Krystal – That wasn’t obvious at all.
Berri – You would’ve done the same to me.

Krystal – And it begins.

-Berri doesn’t weigh that much, so Krystal is able to maintain her balance with the added weight. As Berri is sitting down, some of the cast show slight looks of disapproval towards her decision to sabotage Krystal out of the gate.-

Katherine – I think it was a pretty rash decision on Berri’s part to jump off immediately. We all know she and Krystal aren't the best of friends, but she could have waited and done it later. She’s making herself look bad at this point because it’s as if she thinks she’s safe as long as Krystal is around.

-Berri takes a seat on the sideline. Shortly after Berri takes her seat, Tumble drops his bags due to his already light weight and lack of strength. He struggles with who to give his weight to and decides to add it to Traveler’s load. It barely makes an indentation in the cloth cradle being used for lack of shoulders.-

Tumble – I’m so sorry, Traveler.
Traveler - *ping*
Tumble – That didn’t sound too happy… It’s okay though. I don’t weigh much.

Tumble – I felt so bad about having to add my weight to someone else’s bar. Even though I weigh less than 15 lbs, I didn’t want to give it to someone that would be angry with me later…

-Over time: Nicole, Katherine, Franziska, and Sly drop. Katherine pulls Nicole to the side.-

Katherine - I don't want to add any weight to Krystal. She's going to have a hard enough time as it is.
Nicole - Who should we add our weight to?
Katherine - Vaas?
Nicole - Um...what about Angel instead?
Katherine - You take Angel. I'll take Vaas.
Nicole - Alright.
Ballyhoo – There's some strategy going on among the players who have been eliminated! This is interesting!

-Franziska had already placed her weight on Tanya while Sly placed his on Vaas. Nicole and Katherine add their bags to Angel and Vaas respectively as well.-

Vaas – Fuck you.
Big Top – Harsh words from Vaas!
Katherine – I only did it because I think you can handle it.
Ballyhoo – So without giving away how much everyone weighs, Vaas is holding roughly 200 lbs. of weight right now!
Sly – He is sweating buckets.
Ballyhoo – Tanya, Angel, and Krystal have a little over 100 lbs. Traveler is holding about the same weight as he was before.
Tumble – Hehe.
Ballyhoo – Everyone else is still holding strong with only half of their body weight!
Big Top – This may take awhile.

-Angel begins to wobble.-

Berri - Nooo...

-He slips off of his perch and shakes his head in disgust.-

Big Top - Not really feeling it, Angel?
Angel - I'm a dancer. You would think balance would be my strong suit. I lift women at least 50 pounds heavier, yet I couldn't do this. Oh well.

-Angel immediately walks over to Krystal and places all of the weight he was carrying onto her pole.-

Angel - If I'm not safe, I cannot allow you to be safe either. Sorry.

-Krystal rolls her eyes. Once Angel walks away, Krystal's eyes begin to water during the struggle to hold up her weight.-

Katherine - Hang in there, honey!

-Berri rolls her eyes, and Krystal drops her pole.-

Krystal - I just couldn't...

-Krystal, having four sets of bags to place on the poles of others decides to spread the weight around. She gives two to Purna, two to Traveler, two to Nathan, and two to Dagran.-

Ballyhoo – Everyone is carrying extra weight but Amanda who is still standing with half of her own!
Berri - She doesn't need anymore...
Katherine - What is your problem with people?
Berri - Why do you care?
Katherine - It's annoying.
Berri - Butt out then...

-Angel facepalms yet again. Purna and Tanya both drop out. While Purna allows one of her bags to slip off the pole, Tanya simply falls off of her platform. Purna distributes all of her weight to Vaas while Tanya distributes hers to Nathan and Dagran. Vaas growls as Purna walks away.-

Ballyhoo - Vaas is currently holding the most weight at well over 200 lbs!
Big Top - You're basically holding yourself!

-Vaas starts to struggle a lot. He's holding the weight, but he's wobbling. Eventually, he falls off. The pole snaps in half on his back.-

Big Top – And just like that, Vaas is out!
Ballyhoo – We are down to Dagran, Nathan, Traveler, and Amanda as the final four!

-Vaas spreads his bags out among the men. Two to Dagran, two to Traveler, and the rest of his weight to Nathan who immediately can’t bear it and drops his pole. Nathan looks over at Amanda who is just smiling blankly.-

Nathan – You know, I have to hand it to that little girl. She’s a big one, so her bags were probably just as heavy if not HEAVIER than some of the other women, but she was hanging in there. She didn’t move at all, and no one was going after her because unlike a number of people here, she has yet to ruffle any feathers.

-Nathan takes two sets of bags and places them on Amanda’s pole.-

Nathan – She has to take something!

Nathan – It got me thinking, maybe these quiet ones are the ones we need to look out for.

-Before Nathan can pass out the rest of his bags, Amanda’s arms give out. She couldn’t carry much more than her initial weight, so she and Nathan walk towards the remaining two.-

Nathan – Okay, let's try to make this as equal as possible. Amanda, don't place any bags until I give the okay.
Amanda - Okay.
Nathan - Since Traveler is essentially holding less weight than Dagran, I'm going to give him mine. Amanda, you give Dagran yours.

-Amanda shrugs and nods. Nathan jumps ahead and gives a pair of bags to Traveler.-

Nathan - Sorry, big guy. Tumble is a feather compared to everyone else.

-Traveler and Dagran look at each other. Dagran's already having a difficult time.-

Nathan – Alright, Amanda. Let's go.

-The two place their next bags onto the guys. Dagran, red-faced and in pain looks slowly in Traveler’s direction who stares right back to him. Traveler, in spite of not showing any physical signs of struggle, causes his bar to roll off of his back allowing Dagran to win the challenge.-

Ballyhoo – After an INTENSE finale, Dagran has taken it!!
Dagran - He let me have it...

-Dagran walked over and hugged Traveler as a thank you.-

Dagran - You're awesome.

-There is a cut to the cast standing in front of the hosts post-challenge.-

Ballyhoo – Dagran, as you know, you are the only person safe in tomorrow’s vote. Everyone else is fair game.
Big Top – Rest easy!!
Ballyhoo – We’ll see you all tomorrow!

-The big group of Franziska, Katherine, Nathan, Nicole, Purna, and Tanya are sitting in the lobby discussing who should go next.-

Katherine – I think Berri’s behavior today was atrocious. To be honest, I was going to vote Krystal out next just to keep everyone on the same page, but she has proven to be quite a firecracker.
Franziska – Yeah, I can understand that she wants Krystal out, but to willingly drop out of a challenge to screw her over is crazy.
Nathan – This game changes all the time.
Katherine – I feel Krystal truly regrets aligning with Johnny so early.
Franziska – Plus, as much as I hate to say it, Johnny was almost on point. Angel isn't the snob though. His ally is. Then again, I think Krystal is so far on the outs after the last vote that maybe she should be the one to go until we have more clear-cut targets ready.

-Silence. Tanya and Purna appear bored.-

Franziska – What do you think, Tanya?
Tanya – Krystal’s fine with me.
Franziska – Do you have a reason why?
Tanya – Easy vote.
Franziska – Purna?
Purna – That works for me as well.
Franziska - …

-Katherine notices Franziska’s frustration and twists her face disappointingly.-

Katherine – What Fran said before was right. Tanya and Purna bring absolutely NOTHING to the table when asked. The further we go into the game, if I am in an alliance with people, I would expect equal input from everybody. Those two never throw a name in, and if they contribute, it’s the bare minimum.

-Krystal spots the group in the lobby and approaches them for another go at possibly eliminating someone he would like to leave. He hesitates, but Nathan spots him and calls him over.-

Nathan – What’s up, Krystal?
Krystal – Oh, nothing much, just trying to avoid elimination.
Katherine – Talk to us.
Krystal – I don't know what to say other than, "save me" at this point. I can't defend Johnny in any way, but I'm much more willing to work with you guys than against you. After all, our target wasn't even aligned with you.
Katherine – That's a good point. We were actually just talking about how Berri's been treating you.
Nathan - Not cool.

-Krystal takes a seat while Purna and Tanya walk away.-

Krystal – Wait. Why are they leaving?
Franziska – Don’t concern yourself with them. They’ll just go with whoever we settle on.
Nathan – Damn.
Franziska – It’s true.
Katherine – Anyway, are you thinking Berri, Krystal?
Krystal – You know, earlier I was. I think that she definitely has her target on my back, but I don’t mind getting votes as long as I’m not the one going home.
Katherine – Uh…so who were you thinking?
Krystal – Who was the one that tried to eliminate me?
Nathan – Vaas and...someone else.

-Nicole winces.-

Krystal – If he's able to whisper into enough ears, he could try to go for me again. With Berri and Angel already gunning for me, it wouldn't be too difficult.
Nicole – That doesn’t mean the rest of us will follow him. Like you said, you don't care if you get votes as long as you aren't gone. Johnny was the path of least resistance last time.
Krystal – Wouldn't that make me the path of least resistance this time?
Nicole – Krystal, look around you. You're not it.
Krystal – Well, I still think the best decision is to go after Vaas this time. I simply don't feel comfortable keeping around someone who wanted me out so badly last time.
Franziska – Nate, you’re his roommate. Has he said anything to you?
Nathan – We don’t talk much. He kind of gives me the creeps.
Krystal – Another reason to do it.
Nicole – But here’s the thing…if we vote someone like Berri out now, then Vaas really has no power, and he'll realize that he's alone and make himself easy pickings for next time. If you want Berri gone, then let’s do that first instead. She is after you even more so than Vaas at this point.

Nicole – Although I seem to have stumbled into an alliance with this group, most of my loyalty is to Vaas. As a couple of villains in our respective games, I think we can agree on a lot of things. When it comes to business, you do have to make some tough decisions, but I don’t think Vaas will oppose what I have to say to him.

-Cut to Nicole speaking with Vaas.-

Vaas – No.
Nicole – Why not?
Vaas – I told you last time, "No easy decisions." Krystal was the tough choice last time. She stayed, and now she's the easy choice.
Nicole – I worked my ass off trying to vouch for you downstairs. She’s the one that mentioned your name, and it’s because of her they are actually considering voting you out.
Vaas – Wait. They're considering it?
Nicole – Yes.
Vaas – What the fuck?! This bitch who, on the first day, hooked up with a guy who walked around like he owned the place NOW ACTUALLY OWNS THE PLACE?!
Nicole – Yes!!
Vaas – That changes everything. She is gone. Poof. Done. Piérdase. She should've been eliminated round one, but what can you do? Speaking of which...what can we do?
Nicole – Well, I can tell you, but we may only have seven votes.
Vaas – Tell me.
Nicole – Purna and Tanya have some sort of beef with Fran that I think we can use to our advantage. Berri and Angel are together, and I don’t think Amanda would argue if we went to her first. You and I make seven.
Vaas – We need one more.

-Nicole quickly thinks it over.-

Nicole – Tumble?
Vaas – Okay.

Nicole – This entire vote will fall heavily on Amanda and Tumble. They’re pretty easy to convince, but with that being said, the others could go to them both later and ruin everything. With Amanda, I think it’s best to approach her first. With Tumble, going to him as late as possible would probably be the best idea.

-Angel and Berri are once again seated at the bar talking to one another when they spot Amanda staring in their direction.-

Berri – She is really fucking creepy.
Angel – Who?
Berri – That girl who looks like she got into a fight with a tube of lipstick.
Angel – Yeah, I wonder what she wants.
Berri – HEY……uh……..GIRL!!!

-Amanda tilts her head.-

Angel – It’s Amanda, Berri.
Berri – AMANDA!!

-Amanda just giggles.-

Berri – Whatever. I’m going upstairs to get ready for bed.

-Berri starts to walk away and notices that Amanda’s gaze has not left Angel.-

Berri – Oh…my…god…
Angel – She’s staring at me.
Berri – She LIKES you!!!
Angel – Shut up.
Berri – This is gold. Hey, honey! Why don’t you come over here and get to know Angel?!
Angel – What are you doing?! She creeps me out too!
Berri – Someone has to keep you company while I'm sleeping.

-Berri chuckles and skips away. Angel, not really knowing what to do, strikes up a conversation with Amanda.-

Angel – So…uh…how are you liking everything so far?
Amanda – It’s fun. Hehe.
Angel – That’s good. That’s good. Soooo…do you know what you’re going to do tomorrow when we have to vote?
Amanda – Krystal…
Angel – Oh?
Amanda – She tried to vote you out, and I don’t want you to go.
Angel – Oh god.
Amanda – If she goes, will you stay?
Angel – I mean, if anyone else goes that isn’t me, I’ll st….uh…yes. Yes, if she goes, I stay.
Amanda – Good. I want you to stay.
Angel – If you ever want to know who to vote out, will you come to me?
Amanda – Yes.
Angel – If anyone tells you anything else, you don’t do it, okay?
Amanda - Okay.
Angel - Promise?
Amanda – I promise.

Angel – This will probably go down as one of the most awkward partnerships in history, but any sort of ally wouldn’t hurt. I feel like having someone as loud as Berri on one side and having someone quiet like Amanda could balance things out, and since Amanda doesn’t seem to have any haters, I could…uh…try to associate myself with her a little more?

-That evening when the lights are off, Vaas has a discussion with Nathan about what it is about Vaas that makes him so unlikable.-

Vaas – What’s the deal, man? You come in here, I try to be myself around you, and you run downstairs and join the group that want to vote me out.
Nathan – I never said we are voting you out.
Vaas – That is not what I heard.
Nathan – Who is coming to you with this information?
Vaas – That is not a concern of yours. Do you or do you not want me gone?
Nathan – I’ll be honest with you, man.
Vaas – Please.
Nathan – You came across a little strong when I met you.
Vaas – That is my personality. Are you or are you not the great explorer Nathan Drake?
Nathan – Uh….yes, but how did you…
Vaas – I pay attention. I do my research. I know you can handle a guy like me.
Nathan – There is a difference between following your own goals in real life and needing to fit in with a team during a competition.


Nathan – Vaas?


Nathan – Okay…

-Vaas flips the light switch on and is standing directly over Nathan’s bed as a result.-

Nathan – AH!!! Good god!
Vaas – So why is your team’s goal to eliminate me?
Nathan – It isn’t!!
Vaas - ...

-Vaas turns off the light.-

Vaas – Okay. Goodnight.
Nathan – Holy shit…
Vaas - I'm keeping an eye on you, Nathan. Remember that. These goals...they're going to have to change.

Nathan – I really do feel that Vaas is certifiably insane, and here I am living with him. Yeah, if you think I’m going to sleep AT ALL with him around, you can guess again. Maybe getting rid of Krystal would be a good idea. Angel could move in with his pal Berri, and I could move into a room away from the crazy.

-In the morning, Nicole approaches Purna and Tanya about possibly telling Tumble to eliminate Krystal after Franziska had already approached him the day before.-

Nicole – You know, when it comes to making final decisions, timing is everything. Tumble is a sweetheart, but he’s also naïve. I think that whoever the last person is that whispers in his ear will be the person he follows, but in order to better our chances, we need to increase our numbers before taking him on.

Nicole – I don’t know if Fran took Kat and Nate with her or if she acted alone, but I think if you two want Krystal out, we need to approach Tumble now.
Tanya – Wasn’t Krystal the plan anyway?
Nicole – No. It was a toss-up between Berri and Vaas.
Tanya – Fran ASKED for my opinion. I told her Krystal, and she ignored it.
Nicole – I don’t think she thinks you said enough to back your decision.
Tanya – That was the whole reason why we walked away when Krystal showed up. I thought it was done!
Nicole – Well, you two come with me to talk to Tumble. He is YOUR only shot at getting your way.
Tanya – Then let’s go.

Tanya – To find out that Fran gave no thought to my suggestion when she asked for it just proves to me that she is not on my side. You have to be tactical about these sorts of things. I'm not going to make the decisions if someone already has an idea that I'm okay with. What am I going to do? Argue for nothing? Get real! If anything, I'm complimenting Fran for having good ideas. I don't need to write her an essay.

Nicole – I’ll do the talking.

-Nicole, Purna, and Tanya reach Tumble’s room. Nicole calls him out as they go to have a discussion in private together.-

Tumble - Being here is like being in school. You have to wake up eaaarly in the morning and immediately alert yourself to everything that's going on around you. I'm a smart guy, but even I struggle with mornings. Coffee is life. Coffee makes me rational.

Nicole – The three of us just wanted to let you know of the plan. I’m not sure if anyone has approached you yet.
Tumble – Yes, I was approached.
Nicole – This morning?
Tumble – Oh……no?
Nicole – Okay, well there was a change in the plan...unless you were told to eliminate Krystal.
Tumble – I wasn’t.
Nicole – Phew! I’m so glad I was able to tell you then so that you aren’t out of the loop.
Tumble – Wow! I’m happy you came to me too!
Nicole – So remember to vote Krystal. She’s the one that everybody wants out. We don’t want you to have a target on your back. We love you too much!!

-Purna and Tanya smile brightly in the background.-

Tumble – Hehe! Okay! Krystal!!
Nicole – Shhhhhh…..!
Tumble – Oh…sorry…

Tumble – I was about to make a HUGE mistake!! I’m so glad Nicole and…uh……those other ladies came to me! I feel like I’m part of the group!! I wonder if Franny knows…

-Later that morning, the hosts buzz everyone into the lobby for elimination. No one has a grumpy expression on his or her face as each player crowds onto the sofas and chairs to prepare for the next competitor to hit the road.-

Big Top – Wow, you all look chipper this morning.
Tumble – Yeah!!
Big Top – It’s sickening.
Tumble – Aw…
Ballyhoo – I take it that the group has gotten a better feel for the game now that we’ve already had an elimination?
Sly – I think the first elimination helped us see where everybody stands right now.
Big Top – Was there any fallout with the last one, Sly?
Sly – A little.
Big Top – Between whom?
Sly – Berri and Krystal, but I think we all expected it because Berri’s ally was targeted by Krystal, and Krystal’s ally was eliminated.
Ballyhoo – So, Angel, if you were sitting on the chopping block, shouldn’t it be you that’s upset? Wouldn’t this affect you today?
Angel – I was upset. I do not want to be the first or second person eliminated, and I do think it hurts my chances a bit because I am aligned with Berri, and she lost her cool yesterday.
Berri – Thanks, Angel...

-Angel shrugs.-

Ballyhoo – So going into the vote today, does that make things easier or more difficult than before, Katherine?
Katherine – We’re at square one again. I think Krystal has done a lot the past couple of days to kind of clear her slate, so now maybe is the time to start looking at other people.
Nathan - She didn't have much of a slate to clear to begin with.
Katherine - Yeah, Johnny was the annoying one. Krystal just went along with the wrong person.
Krystal - And I regret it completely.

-Tumble looks confused. Nicole grabs his foot to get him to look at her, and she nods.-

Ballyhoo – Tumble, have people been coming to you and hearing your opinion on who to eliminate?
Tumble – Yes! I’ve had a few people approach me with a couple of names, so on one hand, I feel like I’m part of this great group and I’m not going home! But then people say things here, and I don’t know if I’m making the right decision.
Big Top – So multiple names are being tossed around?
Tumble – I think so. I mean sure they are! I just hope I pick the right one.
Franziska – You know, Big Top, I think some of us do our best to offer our opinions to others and say, “Hey, I think this person should be eliminated.” Meanwhile, certain people do not provide such input and choose to go along with whatever is most popular at that moment.

-Tanya rolls her eyes.-

Ballyhoo – Tanya, you didn’t seem to like that.
Tanya – Well, in the case of Fran here, I did have an opinion, and I expressed it. She just didn’t want to listen to it.
Franziska – When did you tell me anything?
Tanya – Do you really want me to say this in front of everyone?
Franziska – Yes.
Tanya – Our a GROUP…which I think is officially done at this point.
Big Top – Wow, Fran. Tanya is ending it here and now.
Franziska – That is fine. She didn’t contribute much to it anyway.

-Tanya laughs.-

Franziska – She and Purna sit together and put nothing into the pot until they’re put under pressure to say something, and it’s frustrating to think that people who say more could be eliminated because of these sorts of people that sit back and wait for things to happen.
Big Top – Does this mean Tanya’s name could be up for elimination?
Franziska – I’m not saying it isn’t.
Tanya – Yeah, we know who you’re voting out. It isn’t me.
Purna – Vaas…

-Franziska shakes her head and rolls her eyes. Nicole slaps and claws Purna’s knee.-

Purna - OW! Fucking hell, darl!
Tumble – Waaaait…
Franziska – THIS is how much they know!
Tumble – What did she say?
Franziska – She said VAAS!

-Vaas perks up.-

Franziska – If you would listen to people when they speak to you, you wouldn’t have heard “Vaas.”
Tumble – Oh…
Ballyhoo – Tumble, you just look so confused during this exchange.
Tumble – Yeah, I am confused. Like I said before, I don’t know if I’m voting for the right person. When she said Vaas, I was thinking that wasn’t what I heard before coming here, but if that isn’t the right name, then I think I’m okay.
Franziska – You’re okay.
Ballyhoo – Let’s get to the vote before things become more confusing.
Tumble – Yes, please.
Ballyhoo – You cannot vote for Dagran after his immunity win. Anyone else is fair game. Dagran, take the stylus and vote.

-Dagran places his vote. He passes the stylus to Nathan, who passes to Katherine, who passes to Franziska.-

Franziska – I would love nothing more than to eliminate Purna or Tanya today. They contribute nothing and dare to argue when they’re called out. Unfortunately, there was no time to rebuild an alliance and setup the votes against them, so this will have to do until next time.

-Franziska passes the stylus to Nicole.-

Nicole – When Purna spoke up, everything almost came crashing down. Even I didn’t know who Fran finally settled on. Everything is in Tumble’s hands at this point. He heard the wrong name here, and he very well couldn’t believe me…especially now that Fran is in this petty feud with Tanya and Purna.

-Nicole passes the stylus to Vaas, who passes to Sly, who passes to Krystal.-

Krystal – The names are flying all over the place right now, and it is stressing me out. I feel like I have people on my side, but Johnny thought certain ones had his back too. The same people he thought had his back supposedly have mine now, and I'm just...I'm not okay. I don't feel okay.

-Krystal passes his stylus to Amanda, who passes to Angel, who passes to Berri, who passes to Tumble.-

Tumble – Why was Purna trying to say that Fran wanted to eliminate Vaas? That doesn’t even make sense because I haven’t heard Vaas’s name until now. I hope that HE isn’t the one that I’m supposed to vote out. Actually, I’m starting to worry that maybe I’M the one that they’re targeting! Oh no! Ugh! Okay, I’m just going to do it. This is my vote! I’m sorry!!!

-Tumble passes the stylus to Traveler, who passes to Purna, who passes to Tanya. Tanya votes and takes her seat.-

Ballyhoo – Hopefully there was no confusion when it mattered.
Big Top – Time to find out!

-The portraits disappear in this order: Dagran, Katherine, Sly, Traveler, Amanda, Tumble, Nicole, Purna, Angel, Tanya, Franziska, and Vaas.-

Berri – Oh, okay.

-Angel looks worried for his friend.-

Big Top – Already, it’s a battle between rivals. Which will come out on top?

-Suddenly, Krystal’s picture turns gray.-

Krystal – Great...
Franziska – What the hell?!
Big Top – The vote was eight to seven.
Franziska – Are you KIDDING?!
Krystal – It’s fine.
Franziska – We had the numbers, Krystal.
Berri – Nice to know where you stand too, Jan.
Angel – Fran.
Berri - Yeah, I don't care.

-Franziska can’t stop shaking her head, but she at least stands up to hug Krystal.-

Krystal – You know, I learned my lesson. I'm so used to being surrounded by people who I know have my back that I became too trusting of everyone else here. I put myself in this situation, and I paid for it. On the plus side, I don't have to worry about that so much in least, not at the moment.
Ballyhoo – You're a good sport, Krystal.
Krystal – Thanks. It's been fun. Slippy's going to have a blast making fun of me though. I'm not looking forward to that.

-Krystal gives some final hugs to Katherine and Nathan before walking out. Tumble chokes up.-

Tumble – It’s my fault. I did it.
Franziska – It wasn’t you.
Tumble – But I cast the vote.
Franziska – It wasn’t you.
Big Top – Well, I imagine there is going to be quite a bit of fallout after this one as well.
Ballyhoo – I, for one, am happy to be steering clear of it.
Big Top – See ya when we see ya!

-The hosts leave a partially annoyed cast with close-ups of Tumble breaking down in Franziska’s arms. Fade to black.-


Berri – Dagran, Franziska, Katherine, Krystal, Nathan, Sly, Traveler
Krystal – Amanda, Angel, Berri, Nicole, Purna, Tanya, Tumble, Vaas
Season 7 - Episode 1

-Welcome to the seventh season of Video Game Wars, a reality show featuring various video game stars and co-stars battling it out to see who truly is the best of the best. A large, yellow submarine emerges next to a dock on Sirena Beach and is carrying the entire cast. The females, as usual, step off first: Amanda (Rule of Rose), Berri (Conker’s Bad Fur Day), Franziska (Phoenix Wright), Katherine (Catherine), Krystal (Star Fox), Nicole (Max Payne), Purna (Dead Island), and Tanya (Command & Conquer). Nicole looks around at the other females and sizes them up.-

Nicole – When I was on the submarine, I was hoping that there would be more than one woman around my age that I could somehow connect with. I do not expect anyone to become my intellectual equal here, but at least with another older woman, I could at least find some…commonality between us. Let’s hope that some of the men are more approachable.

-Nicole begins shaking hands with the other women. She greets Tanya who gives her a very firm handshake and is taken aback by it.-

Nicole – I have made many handshakes in my day. Pardon me if this sounds insulting, but it’s quite masculine.
Tanya – Military.
Nicole – Oh, that’s wonderful, darling. I’m Nicole.
Tanya – Tanya.
Nicole – Nice to make your acquaintance, Tanya.

Nicole – On second thought, I may not have to wait.

-A few feet away, Franziska is also sizing up her female competition and is looking in Nicole’s direction specifically.-

Franziska – Right away, I see this woman who looks like the business type shaking hands with the other women and carrying on conversations. I wasn’t planning on making alliances early, but I can’t expect anyone else to think the same way. As much as I would love to jump in and trust the next person I see, I think it’s best to wait. If you put all of your trust into the wrong person, they could screw you over. That’s not going to happen to me.

-The men finally make their presence known as they exit the submarine: Angel (Dance Central), Dagran (The Last Story), Johnny (Mortal Kombat), Nathan (Uncharted), Sly (Sly Cooper), Traveler (Journey), Tumble (Mario Party), and Vaas (Far Cry).-

Johnny – What’s UP, e’erbody!! Johnny Cage in da HOUSE!!

Johnny – Hey, what’s up? It’s Johnny Cage. So I was thinking to myself, "Self, you handsome hunk of a man, maybe it wouldn’t be too smart to play in the beginning like Felicia did." Y’know…showing off my celebrity status and whatnot, so I tried to keep everything...low-key.

-Johnny inserts himself into Nicole’s and Tanya’s conversation. They stop speaking completely and are obviously annoyed by the situation.-

Johnny – How are you ladies doing today? I’m Johnny Cage.

-Johnny reaches out his hand to shake both of theirs.-

Tanya – I’m Tanya.
Nicole – My name is Nicole.
Johnny – Nice to meet ya both.

Johnny – There was this one hot chick named Tanya who reminded me on Sonya to a T! They’re names are almost the same, too! Mind...blown!

-Johnny does an explosion hand gesture around his head as well as a soft explosion sound effect with his voice.-

-Katherine walks up to Traveler after shaking Angel’s hand and looks at him. Traveler simply tilts his head as Katherine is somewhat mesmerized by his appearance. She eventually shakes Traveler's scarf without releasing her trance.-

Katherine - I'm Katherine.
Traveler - *Ping ding*

Katherine – There was something about the guy that, I think goes by “Traveler” or something. I was so nervous about greeting everyone else, but my nerves flew away once I met him for some reason. Maybe if there’s any drama in the hotel, I can run to him for refuge. I know I signed up for it, but when everything hits the fan, I’d at least like to find someone to hide with.

-Katherine and Traveler turn their faces in the direction of the camera. What they are really looking at are the hosts: Big Top and Ballyhoo.-

Ballyhoo – Welcome, one and all, to the seventh season of Video Game Wars!!

-The cast applauds.-

Big Top – This season, we’ll be easing our way back to the basics!
Ballyhoo – Big Top’s right! We think this competition is much more challenging when half of the contestants don’t win every time!
Big Top – Our first challenge, however, will involve small teams for you to better get acquainted with each other and see how you all work.
Ballyhoo – Please follow us down to the challenge site.

-Everyone makes their way to the beach where large, hole-riddled buckets of water are located. There are smaller buckets closer to the ocean that contain a number of corks attached to strings.-

Big Top – Welcome to your first challenge!
Ballyhoo – This game goes by quickly, but if you want to make it to the end, you are going to have to be careful and cover your gaps as best as you can.
Big Top – This challenge will put that to the test as you and your team race to fill a giant bucket containing your team’s color.
Ballyhoo – It won’t be that easy, though. The smaller bucket you will fill with water and use first is riddled with holes. There are corks shoved inside the holes for the person filling the first bucket.
Big Top – But once that player reaches a certain point on the beach, the corks will pop out meaning the second person will have to run the rest of the way with spilling as little water as possible.
Ballyhoo – The second player will then fill a larger bucket where flowing water is being stopped by the other two teammates.
Big Top - Then, he or she will return with the bucket, and the first person will have to plug the holes up again and run back to the ocean without being tangled up in the rubber rope attached to the corks.
Ballyhoo – You will repeat the process after that.
Big Top – Whichever team has the most water in the bucket after 10 minutes will win this challenge!
Ballyhoo – You will all draw for teams. There will be no captains for this.

Sly – I like that even though teams still exist, the participants on each team are much smaller in number than before. It gives me some room to breathe if my team happens to lose, and since we are unable to choose our teammates…well…I can’t say with confidence that I’ll be on the winning side every time.

Ballyhoo – The teams have been decided!

-The camera pans to view the teams as follows: Amanda/Angel/Johnny/Purna, Berri/Dagran/Katherine/Nathan, Franziska/Tanya/Traveler/Tumble, and Krystal/Nicole/Sly/Vaas.-

Ballyhoo – Please spread out and take a minute to cultivate a strategy.

-Krystal, Nicole, Sly, and Vaas are shown first. The team is having difficulty deciding who will run.-

Sly – I think I should be a runner. I’m nimble.
Krystal – So am I.
Vaas – We can’t all be runners.
Krystal – Why don’t you let the two of us take it? We have the stamina. We can do it.
Vaas – I have stamina as well.
Krystal – Don’t you want to conserve your strength for another challenge?
Nicole – Should we just take a vote?
Sly – This is going nowhere…

Sly - Yeah, I definitely don't see myself on the winning team this time.

-Amanda, Angel, Johnny, and Purna are next.-

Purna - What if we used our clothes to plug the holes?
Angel – My clothes aren’t cheap. I would prefer it if they weren’t wet.
Johnny – Ah, don't pussy out on us. It’s just water, bro.
Angel – Water can damage clothes too, bro.
Johnny – Do you want to win, or not?
Angel – Do you want to see her and all of her glory glistening in the sun?!

-Amanda giggles. Johnny looks in her direction and makes a sour face.-

Johnny – If you helped, we wouldn’t need her!

-Franziska, Tanya, Traveler, and Tumble look over in Amanda’s team’s direction and collectively shake their heads.-

Franziska - The team beside us is arguing over whether or not to use their clothes to help plug the holes. Sure, it's an idea, but there is enough cloth over there to wrap around the entire bucket...twice. There doesn't need to be an argument over whose clothing is being used. Petty...just petty.

Ballyhoo – If everyone has had enough time…
Vaas – Wait! We’re still figuring this out…
Big Top – There’s no time! We have to do this!
Nicole – Let him run, Krystal. You work with me.
Krystal – Okay.

-Vaas makes a “finally” motion with his body.-

Big Top – We good?
Vaas – We are good.
Big Top – Perfect.
Ballyhoo – Get into your positions, and we’ll be ready to go!

-Tanya, Purna, Sly, and Dagran are lined up to run first for their teams. Traveler, Johnny, Vaas, and Nathan are set up to run next while the other two teammates on each team ready themselves at the larger bucket.-

Ballyhoo – On your marks.
Big Top – Get set.
Hosts – GO!!!

-The first group is shown dipping the water into the ocean. There is a close-up of Purna handing off her bucket to Johnny who takes it and attempts to block the holes with some clothes that he bundled together. When Vaas grabs his bucket from Sly, he trips and falls when the corks pop out and slightly halt his movement. Krystal rolls her eyes in frustration as their team’s water spills. Johnny makes it to Amanda and Angel with very little water in his bucket as well. He throws the clothes he was carrying on the ground and runs back.-

Johnny – It only took one trip to see that all of the water was being soaked up, so I just said screw the clothes. That water leaked everywhere anyway. I sure looked damn good though. Ha!

Angel – If he would have been holding our clothes, they would be in the sand right now. In the sand!

-Amanda just stares at Angel and giggles. Johnny takes his bucket back to Purna to fill up again.-

Johnny – You’re pretty cute.

-Purna ignores him while putting the corks back into the bucket.-

Johnny – I’ve never dated a black chick before.

-Purna glares at Johnny for a second and begins walking back to the ocean while simultaneously plugging up the bucket to avoid him. After a couple of rounds, the water begins to leak out of the larger bucket at the end of each alley. Most of the teams are already in position while Berri and Katherine miss a couple of holes at the bottom causing the water to leak out. Since they have to wait for Nathan to return anyway to refill what was lost, Katherine takes some time to plug up the upper holes with pieces of her long hair that she braided before the challenge began. Traveler fills up his team’s bucket even further and gives Franziska and Tumble a thumbs up before running back to Tanya. Tumble’s arms and legs are covering all of the bottom holes plus some while Franziska doesn’t have to do anything yet.-

Tumble – It was convenient for me, in this challenge, to be small with detachable limbs. Hehe! I just pressed my shoes up against one side of the bucket while Franziska used my hands to plug up the rest! It worked out pretty well, but I guess the real test was meant for when the water started filling up the top.

-The runners are beginning to slow down. The ones at the ocean are hunched over, no longer cheering on their teammates, and the ones carrying the smaller buckets to the larger ones are tripping up every time the corks pop out. At the larger buckets, the players are shown having pressed various body parts into the holes to keep the water from leaking. Krystal even stuck her tongue into one of the holes while Berri uses some of her limberness to block a hole with her foot.-

Berri – I like...don’t know how much longer I can hold this position.
Katherine – You’re doing great.

-Katherine takes a look at Krystal and sticks her tongue inside a hole that her face was pressed against. A little water is lost during the transition, but she manages to get it in quickly enough.-

Big Top – There is only one minute remaining!!

-During the last minute, the players put forth a great hustle. Berri’s leg begins to shake. Her face, pressed up against a hole in the bucket, begins to grimace in pain. Krystal’s head is up against the bucket, her eyes closed. Tumble looks around at everyone else and pretends to be in pain too.-

Tumble – Wow. This sure smarts.
Franziska – Tell me about it…
Tumble – Yeah. Ouch. Look at us…in pain together. Owie ow ow.
Franziska – That’s enough.
Tumble – Okay…

Tumble – I didn’t want them to know I didn’t feel what they felt. Maybe they’ll think I have ghost knees or something. I don’t know. I think I may have oversold it…

Hosts – TIME!!!
Ballyhoo – We have screen captured the amount of water you each had in your buckets at the end of the 10 minutes. You can release and relax!
Big Top – Great job!

-Pretty much everyone takes a seat where they are in anticipation of the results. There is a close-up of Nathan who falls onto his back with his arms stretched out to the sides. He takes in one deep breath before we transition to everyone standing (some sitting) in front of the hosts.-

Big Top – We have your results.
Ballyhoo – It was a VERY close finish between two teams who surprisingly had their buckets filled up almost to the top.
Big Top – Purna and Sly, your teams were at the bottom with 10.6 and 11.1 liters respectively.
Ballyhoo – Between the other two teams, one had 13.2 liters while the other had 13.6. Like I said before…VERY close.
Big Top – The winners with 13.6 liters are……


Ballyhoo – Franziska, Tanya, Traveler, and Tumble!! Congratulations!!
Big Top – You all fought hard, but if you were not on that team, you are in danger of being the first player eliminated from Video Game Wars 7.
Ballyhoo – Please head back into the hotel, unpack, and begin thinking about who you would like to see go home.

Johnny - C'mon, man. Angel is clearly not someone I can work with. He immediately came across as somebody who's too good for this competition. Here, you gotta get a little dirty. I wore a tux when decapitating somebody's head. Sometimes, the dirty jobs have to be done!

-Back at the hotel, Nathan walks into his room which is shared with Vaas. Vaas is already up there unpacking as Nathan enters.-

Vaas – I don’t even know why I’m doing this.
Nathan – Doing what?
Vaas – Unpacking my shit after what went on before the challenge. It always happens every season. One guy tries to do what he knows how to do, and some bitch tries to make things difficult.

-Nathan doesn’t respond.-

Vaas – I mean, we ended up with me running anyway, so why try to argue with something that was basically already set in stone? Huh? Ha…she angered me! I am angry!
Nathan – Dramaaaaaa…♫

-Vaas turns around in disgust.-

Vaas – This is funny to you? Want me to be angry with you?
Nathan – No, I…
Vaas – I try to explain to you that I am unhappy, and you laugh? You don't WANT BE ANGRY!
Nathan – Heh…I was just trying to lighten the mood.
Vaas – Funny guy. Jokester…I see. We will fix that.
Nathan – Dude, chill.
Vaas – You are, at this moment, mildly annoying.

Nathan – I’m pretty sure this sleeping arrangement won’t work out. Right now, I’m just gonna back off and maybe talk to some more approachable people, but I think it may be easier if Vaas was just eliminated first.

-Nathan heads downstairs to the lobby where Johnny is stretched out on a wicker loveseat and is speaking with Krystal.-

Nathan – What’s going on down here?
Johnny – Oh, hey! Nothing much, man. Just completing my rounds of introductions to these fine ladies here. I guess I could introduce myself to you too.

-Johnny sits up.-

Johnny – How’s it goin’? I’m Johnny Cage.

-Johnny and Nathan shake hands.-

Nathan – Nice to meet you.
Johnny – This fine lady has already had a difficult time with somebody, but I was trying to convince her to keep him around in favor of eliminating someone else.
Nathan – Wait…uh…Krystal?
Krystal – Yeah?
Nathan – Right. Who were you thinking?

-Krystal sighs.-

Krystal – I was thinking Vaas. Honestly, I have nothing else to go by yet, and he just made things more difficult than they should have been.
Johnny – But if there are more team challenges, wouldn’t you rather have him on your side than…say…Angel?
Nathan – This season isn’t emphasizing teams though.
Krystal – Yeah, it sounded to me like this was just a one-time deal to get to know each other.
Johnny – But if they sprung it back on us later, I’d much rather be teamed up with Vaas than some goody-goody like Angel. Know what I’m sayin’?
Nathan – Yeah, I understand, but the strategy that you were putting in place wasn’t going to work anyway.
Johnny – He didn’t know that!
Nathan – Maybe not, but I don’t think he held you back at all.
Johnny – Look. That’s who I’m voting out, so you can be on board with it or not. At this point, as long as it isn’t me or you, I think we’re good.
Nathan – Krystal, Vaas is upstairs possibly campaigning to eliminate you, and I think if you and I have a case against him, we can get rid of him.
Johnny – Vaas will self-destruct. I know his type.
Nathan - …

Nathan – I didn’t think Vaas could be outdone, but I Johnny's a little frustrating. He's going in too hard too fast. I am trying to warn Krystal of what will happen to her if she doesn’t act, and he is there cutting me off at every turn. I’d pull her away, but god forbid he turn the tide on me. I’m leaving it alone. Hopefully Krystal gets the message.

-Nathan gets up and walks away.-

Krystal – I came into this hotel wanting to eliminate Vaas too. I really think it’s the best case for a lot of people if we just eliminate the volatile player right now.
Johnny – Would you rather keep a volatile person that will screw himself eventually or a smart person with charisma that can draw people in and leave you out of it? This is about moving forward, Krystal. I’m seeing ten steps ahead, and you’re only thinking about what’s going on right now.
Krystal – Well, what’s going on right now directly affects me.
Johnny – Babe, look. You’re safe with me. I’m gonna talk to everybody else, and we’ll settle this. I have charisma too. I'm Johnny fucking Cage.
Krystal – Okay, look. You get the votes and come back to me. If you don’t have them, I’m talking to Nate.
Johnny – Done deal.

Krystal - I don't understand this obsession with Angel. I think Johnny's getting a little ahead of himself, and it could end up hurting him if he can't gather the votes he needs. I feel like I'm the only person willing to sit down and hear him out, and that in itself doesn't seem like a good thing. Maybe I should walk away too.

-Katherine, Nicole, Purna, and Tanya are chatting right outside the lobby with Nathan who, after ditching Johnny and Krystal, decided to see where the ladies’ heads were at. Johnny interrupts the conversation by giving his spiel again.-

Johnny – Time to win some people over, baby! That is what I do best!

Nathan - Great...
Johnny – Yo, Nate! My man! You tell ‘em what’s happenin’?
Nathan – I think you can explain it better.
Johnny – Alright, alright. Okay, look. Three of you are smoking hot…
Nicole – Three?
Johnny – And I think it would be a tragedy if one of you was eliminated this early in the game so that the rest of us can’t indulge ourselves in your beauty for another day.

-The girls just stare at each other.-

Johnny – What do you say we keep the pretty people around and eliminate a wannabe? I am thinking Angel.
Katherine – He’s actually really cute.
Johnny – Well, like…I mean…

-Johnny whispers.-

Johnny – I think Amanda is a little sensitive about the way she looks, so I think if we were like “Okay, bye”, to Angel, it wouldn’t sting as much to eliminate Amanda next time?
Nathan – That’s not the reason you gave me.
Johnny – Don’t ruin my game, Nate.
Tanya – Who’s on board with this?
Johnny – I got Krystal downstairs ready to go, and Nate? My man? You got my back, right?
Nathan – Sure.
Johnny – So I mean, we can pull a pretty great blindside right out of the gate by dumping Angel! This group right here plus Krystal…man…we’re solid!

-The five just look at each other again.-

Nathan – I’ll try to close a deal with them, Johnny.
Johnny – Nate, yo. Thanks.

-Johnny slaps his hand against Nathan’s and shakes on it before walking away. Right as he exits, he slaps his hands on the top of the door frame.-

Johnny - BOOP!
Nicole – I would just really like to vote him out.
Nathan – We could have the votes, but I think if we vote along with someone else, we can pull them in and just work things out until we’re back at square one again.
Purna – Who would be the easiest person to work with?
Nathan – As much as I hate to say it, maybe Vaas?
Katherine – If we have the numbers though, couldn’t we easily eliminate Johnny and explain it away later? That way, we can give Krystal another chance.
Nicole – It’s her fault for not talking to anyone else.
Katherine – But we all know that Vaas can be a pain too. We could just as easily jump to eliminate him.
Nathan – I’m not talking to Vaas again, so it’s either vote with him or vote him out as far as I’m concerned.

Katherine – Right now, we have four options: Angel, Johnny, Krystal, and Vaas. I think that if everybody holds onto their own options, the rest of us can decide what we want to do.

Katherine – We have time. Let’s just see where it goes before we make anything final.

Katherine – The problem I’m having is that Angel and Krystal haven’t really done anything to warrant being eliminated, as far as I’m concerned. One doesn’t want to get his clothes wet, and the other is just in on a stupid plan concocted by a stupid person. If anyone needs to go, it needs to be someone irritating everyone NOW, and those people are Vaas and Johnny.

-Nicole walks upstairs and knocks on Vaas’s bedroom door. He opens it for her and clears a spot for her to sit without speaking. Nicole sits down…also without speaking.-

Nicole - Johnny is that type of person that really sticks in my craw, and if it's between him and Vaas, I would much rather see someone that annoys me go than someone I could potentially work with. Vaas is strong. There's something about him that just..."fits" what I'm looking for. I want to feel him out a little more.

Vaas – You’re here for a reason. Talk.
Nicole – I’m going to set it to you straight, sweetheart. Your name is being thrown around.
Vaas – It’s that fucking Drake guy. I know it.
Nicole – It isn’t, but it could end up that way if you don’t listen to me. People are getting the idea that you’re a time bomb, okay? What happened today was a simple thing that can be remedied later if it needs to be, and I know you don’t want to be the first one out.
Vaas – Okay?
Nicole – The thing is, I don’t think people are on board with Krystal being the first one out either.
Vaas – So what is the other alternative?
Nicole – Have you thought about Johnny? He’s rubbing more people the wrong way than you seem to be, but because no one has mentioned him, he is getting away with it.
Vaas – Nicole, the first round is about making things happen. It isn’t about easy votes. If you want me out, THAT is an easy vote. If you want Johnny out, that too is an easy vote. You’ve got to take out the ones people don’t expect if you want to make shit happen. Do you want people to be happy, or do you want to win?!

-Nicole doesn’t respond.-

Vaas – Sobrevivo!! I….survive! I will not be voted out first. Not this way.
Nicole – How are we going to convince everyone else to eliminate who YOU want?

-Vaas smiles.-

Vaas – You came to me for a reason. You are concerned about me and want me to stay, yes? Am I in the ballpark here? I think I am.

-Vaas moves in closer and whispers the first sentence in Nicole’s ear and pulls away.-

Vaas – We work together… You’re not a nice lady. You are putting on a show for the other people, but I know. I see right through you, and for this reason, I think we can make beautiful magic together. Let’s not cast the easy votes. Let’s have fun.

-It takes a second, but Nicole begins to smile. Then she lets out a laugh and shakes Vaas’s hand.-

Nicole – I'm in…
Vaas – Sobrevivimos. WE survive.

Vaas – Yes, okay, so I was working Nicole to get my way, but I know she knows deep down that by eliminating me or Johnny early, her time will be up soon too while the nice ones skate by. Bye bye! See you at the finale with all of your adoring fans! No. I am not going to let that happen this time, and she knows she can't either. She has something I do not, and that is power over other people. Hopefully she can convince them to keep me around. If they disagree, well, I’ll be gone, and she will be too.

-Meanwhile, Angel and Berri are bonding over drinks at the bar in the hotel.-

Berri – Everybody is running around like crazy people. I think it’s hilarious.
Angel – Are you not worried?
Berri – No, why should I be? I had like a gallon of water trickling into my vagina for half of the challenge today. If I’m voted out first, I am going to be hella fucking pissed.

-Berri takes a sip of her piña colada.-

Berri – Why? Are you worried?
Angel – I’m just…annoyed, I guess. After everything that went down during the challenge. This is why I hate the whole team setup.
Berri – Oh, the clothes thing? Sweetie, don’t even worry about that. He threw that shit on the ground anyway, so your clothes are better off. I do not blame you for not wanting them to be used in the challenge. Could you imagine?
Angel – Yeah, exactly! That’s why I didn’t want him touching them!
Berri – I mean like, what you had on when you arrived was FABULOUS, honey, and I would have been pissed for you if they were ruined. I’ll tell you though; this is exactly why I wore nothing but a sports bra off the submarine.
Angel – Smart.
Berri – I mean, if you guys want to see my boobs, that is totally fine by me. You’re perverted, and I’m taken, but okay.
Angel – You have a boyfriend? What series are you from?
Berri – Uh…….Jak & Daxter?
Angel – Is one of them your boyfriend?
Berri – Yes?
Angel – Which one?
Berri – The second one?

Berri – Okay, so I’m not quite comfortable with telling everybody that my boyfriend is Conker. I’d like to improve my chances of winning any way I possibly can, and I don’t think it would help to say, “Oh yes, my boyfriend already won a million rupees. I’m just here for the drinks.” I mean, I am (they're fucking delicious).....but…I’d like to win too.

-That evening, Berri retreats to the room that she shares with Krystal. Krystal is already in bed reading a book before turning in for the night.-

Krystal – How was everything downstairs?
Berri – Angel thinks that everyone is out to get him over something really stupid. Can you believe that he thinks people want him out because of the whole clothes fiasco earlier today?

-Krystal becomes tense, bookmarks her book, and places it on the table beside her bed.-

Krystal – Can I be honest with you?
Berri – If you want. I mean, it’s not like we really know each other. By the way, this entire room setup is racist. Like, are we supposed to be friends because we both have fur? I don’t get it. Anyway, continue.
Krystal – Nevermind…
Berri – You’ve opened the can, Krystal. Go ahead and say whatever it is you have to say. If it has to do with the vote tomorrow, there’s nothing I can do to change it.
Krystal – What if Angel really is the target tomorrow?

-Berri turns completely around in her bed to face Krystal.-

Berri – Are you serious?
Krystal – It just turned out that the numbers are there to eliminate him.
Berri – Who are the numbers?
Krystal – Johnny, Tanya, Kat, Nate, Purna, Nicole, Vaas, myself… That’s half.
Berri – Why?
Krystal – I think people were turned off by Angel’s attitude before the challenge.
Berri – He’s a good dresser, so you want him out?
Krystal – He obviously has the money already.
Berri – Krystal…no. I just spent the past hour downstairs telling Angel how stupid it was for him to even think that people would want him out over that, and now you’re telling me that people really ARE stupid?!?
Krystal – I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry.
Berri – Krystal, let me say again what I said before. We are not friends. Angel is my friend. This would have gone much better had you told me that I was the target instead because I could have prepared a flawless “fuck you” speech to everyone, including you if I had to. But now I find out you’re all trying to eliminate somebody I just spent a lot of time trying to cheer up. Angel’s a good person, Krystal.
Krystal – I’m not saying he isn’t. This wasn’t my idea!
Berri – Then whose was it?
Krystal – Johnny’s!
Berri – Are you fucking serious? You’re listening to fucking Johnny?!
Krystal – If someone has a vote already mapped out, it’s easier to go along with that for the first vote. That’s what we decided.
Berri – And he was your first choice.
Krystal – He came to me, Berri.
Berri – Goodnight. I’m done.
Krystal - Berri...
Berri - If it's easier to go along with someone who has a vote planned, then maybe you should talk to other people before you fucking decide to listen to the most irritating person here. Angel has a vote too, and so do I.

Berri – This sucks. I find out as I am about to fall asleep that an army of people are going to vote out Angel because Johnny Cage told them to. Gross. He probably just told Krystal he has all of those votes when he doesn't because really...who likes him? He's like the king of bad first impressions. Whether Johnny does or he doesn’t have the votes, I’m telling Angel in the morning because I’m not writing his “fuck you” speech. I’m going to let him do it himself.

-Late in the morning, Ballyhoo and Big Top enter the hotel and buzz for everyone to come downstairs. With Big Top on his head, Ballyhoo takes a seat in the large chair next to a giant tv screen in front of a wall with a door leading into a backroom. The players slowly trickle into the lobby. Johnny appears confident and smiling while Angel and Berri enter together. Both of which appear to be fuming with anger. Everyone else looks relatively normal until Krystal and Berri lock eyes with one another. This causes Krystal to suddenly become nervous.-

Big Top – Good morning, everyone…….for now. Muahaha!
Ballyhoo – Welcome to your first ever elimination. I think it’s a pretty popular opinion that the first elimination is always the hardest, but it doesn’t get much easier after this.
Big Top – On the bright side, we have changed up the scheduling so that you at least have a full day to sulk after the elimination to prepare you for the challenge the following day.
Ballyhoo – Enough about that. I want to hear from you guys. The challenge yesterday was setup in a team fashion to allow you all to get to know each other and see how your teammates compete. How was that experience? Surely, Franziska, you’re feeling pretty good since your team won.
Franziska – I think we had some really great teamwork going on. We knew exactly what each of us would be doing fairly quickly, and it just worked out!
Ballyhoo – Did you have any assumptions about possible liabilities going into the challenge? I mean, Tumble’s a little guy.
Franziska – Tumble was probably the reason we won. Maybe if he was assigned to be a runner, we would have lost, but his role fit him perfectly.

-Tumble smiles and blushes.-

Ballyhoo – On the other hand, there were a couple of teams that showed some…dissension.
Big Top – Sly, your team had a bit of an issue in that department.
Sly – Yeah, I mean, it all worked out in the end. I think we made it clear that I would run and Nicole would plug, but both Krystal and Vaas wanted to run.
Big Top – Your team didn’t do that well. Do you wish you could’ve switched it up?
Sly – I don’t know if it would’ve made things better or worse if we did.
Krystal – I think it would have been easier to go with the flow so that there wasn’t any drama before the challenge.
Ballyhoo – Which of you said that you’d run first?
Sly – Krystal did.
Krystal – Yes, I did.
Ballyhoo – Vaas, do you think it could have worked?
Vaas – No, because I am not limber like some of the people here. I cannot lift my leg above my head like Berri to prevent water from spilling out. That role was designed for them.
Big Top – That was actually a great move, Berri. I was impressed by your ability to keep your foot up there.
Berri – Thanks…

-Awkward silence.-

Big Top – Berri, is there something wrong? It just seems like you’ve checked out.
Berri – Krystal, would you like to explain what’s going on?
Krystal – I guess Angel found out that his name is floating around. I’m the one that told Berri, but it wasn’t my idea.
Angel – It’s for a stupid reason that my name is floating around.
Berri – And according to Krystal, HALF THE CAST is on board with it!

-Nathan is shown looking confused.-

Big Top – What would this reason be?
Angel – I didn’t want my clothes to get wet during the challenge yesterday.
Big Top – And this is Krystal’s fault?
Angel – No, it’s Johnny’s.
Johnny – It’s MY fault you didn’t want to help our team?!
Angel – It wouldn’t have even helped!
Johnny – You could have at least tried, Angel.
Angel – Yes, so you could throw my shit into the sand like you did with everyone else’s.
Johnny – What did you do with your clothes?
Angel – I folded them neatly and set them inside my suitcase. Thank you, Johnny.
Johnny – He acted like such a pussy about it. We were throwing around ideas, and we were thinking that since Angel and Amanda were covering the holes, they could use a little extra help since the buckets were pretty big! He has to act like he’s better than everybody because he dresses better. Get over yourself.
Berri - And you think you're a fucking hotshot because you're some kind of celebrity.
Johnny - I am a pretty big deal. Thanks for pointing that out.
Berri - Not to me. Big douche? Sure. I've never even fucking heard of you.

-Franziska laughs.-

Ballyhoo – Fran, you’re laughing.
Franziska – Well, yeah! First of all, this is a funny exchange, but I’d like to think I dress well too. I walked out in an expensive suit myself that I also didn’t use in the challenge, yet we won.
Johnny – You weren’t on my team.
Franziska – But I feel like if we were ever teammates, you would think of me the same way you think of Angel because we look a certain way.
Johnny – That’s not true. It had to do with the challenge. He didn't help.
Berri – AND Johnny was the one that came out of HIS submarine like some horny gigolo trying to hook up with every woman that he saw.
Johnny – I didn’t try to hook up with you, did I? Nope. Don’t flatter yourself, babe.
Berri – That’s because I did everything I could to avoid you. Go fuck yourself because that’s all the action you’ll get here.

-There is a close-up of Nathan wincing at that comment.-

Johnny - When Angel's gone, I'll be dancing! Isn't that what you do, Angel?
Angel - This is all a joke to you.
Johnny - See, that's what I do.
Berri - See, if anyone here is acting high-and-mighty, it's you. You think you're charming and funny, but you are so not.
Ballyhoo – Okay, okay. Back to the vote at hand, why is half the cast jumping on-board with this if all of this is going on right now? I don’t see any support for Johnny.
Berri – Probably because he doesn’t actually have any.
Ballyhoo – So then where is all of this coming from?
Krystal – Everyone was saying that for the first vote, it’s probably easier to jump in with someone who already has a clear-cut target. We all felt this way, and Johnny’s target was clear-cut.

-Angel shakes his head.-

Big Top – Well, let’s see if this vote will be as clear-cut as people believe. Tumble, please take the stylus, cast your vote, and pass it to the next person until everyone has voted.

-Big Top hands the stylus to Tumble who votes. Tumble passes the stylus to Franziska, who passes it to Traveler, who passes it to Tanya, who passes it to Purna, who passes it to Krystal.-

Krystal – I’m sticking with the plan. After what happened in there, maybe some votes are switching to Johnny, but I don’t see any harm in doing what I said I was going to do in the first place. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite me later.

-Krystal passes the stylus to Johnny.-

Johnny – The shit hit the fan early, but I’m happy that nobody stepped in to agree with Berri because that makes me think that my plan is in full force, and it’s gonna work. They got to see how much of a cancer Angel is to any team setup, so maybe next time Berri can follow him out!

-Johnny passes the stylus to Sly, who passes it to Vaas, who passes it to Berri, who passes it to Angel.-

Angel – Well, it turns out I had a right to be paranoid and for a stupid reason! Johnny is going around pissing everyone off thinking he is king of the world, yet I’m the one that is full of myself and needs to go. That makes a lot of sense. Right. Hopefully today’s vote shows where everyone stands, and hopefully I am still here to see it pan out.

-Angel passes the stylus to Katherine, who passes to Nathan.-

Nathan - There was a bit of running around before the vote today, but I think most of us have finally settled on one name...and one name only.

-Nathan passes the stylus to Dagran, who passes to Amanda. Amanda votes and takes her seat.-

Big Top – It’s time to find out where the votes really fell.

-The portraits disappear in this order: Tumble, Traveler, Franziska, Tanya, Purna, Katherine, Dagran, Sly, Amanda, Nathan, Nicole, Berri, and Vaas.-

Ballyhoo – This means that Angel, Johnny, and Krystal all received votes.

-No portraits disappear.-

Ballyhoo – Two of you are tied with the second most amount of votes, but one of you is going home.
Big Top – It’s the battle of the divas…and Krystal.

-Suddenly, Johnny’s picture turns gray. He shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head while looking around at the people whose support he thought he had. Nathan deliberately pays him no attention and pats Angel on the back.-

Big Top – Angel and Krystal, you each received two votes. Johnny, you received the rest which means you are the first person eliminated from Season 7 of Video Game Wars.
Johnny - Well, I certainly thought I had a little more support than what I had. We talked about it. It was planned out. I thought I was doing a good thing by talking to other people, but I guess it didn't work out for me this time, right Nate?
Nathan - Sorry, Johnny.
Ballyhoo - Thanks for participating, Johnny.
Johnny - It was fun. To all of you assholes that voted me out...see ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!
Berri - Our feelings are mutual.

-As Johnny walks out, Krystal gives him an awkward wave goodbye. She then places her chin in her hand and slumps over.-

Ballyhoo – I don't know how surprising this elimination was for everyone else, but Johnny sure looked shocked.
Big Top – That's how it goes!
Ballyhoo – After this first round chaos, I hope everyone at least knows where they stand and can more easily settle on a target next time.
Big Top – Or not. It’s more entertaining for us.
Ballyhoo – See you all at the challenge tomorrow!

-Everyone disperses. Fade to black.-


Angel – Johnny, Krystal
Krystal - Nicole, Vaas
Johnny – Amanda, Angel, Berri, Dagran, Franziska, Katherine, Nathan, Purna, Sly, Tanya, Traveler, Tumble


Old enough to be your brother.
United States
Current Residence: South Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Trance, Video Game
Favourite style of art: Digital, three-dimensional
Personal Quote: "If you're afraid to shake the dice, you'll never roll a 6."
I do want to give you a little preview of this season so that you know a little about what to expect, plus I would like to hear your opinion on a question that I have regarding how this season will end. Without further ado, here are three things to look out for:

1. This season will revert back to Season 2 format. There will be occasional teams, but they will be made up of small groups instead of the teams being split down that middle. This will allow for a bit more wiggle room in terms of who should go each round. I adjusted this for both you and me because it was mentioned last season that the team format wasn't the best way to go. As for me, I didn't enjoy half of the cast winning immunity, nor did I think mid-season schoolyard pick eliminations were a good idea in retrospect.

2. Strategy talk will be fairly heavy this time around. Last season was strategic as well, but there will be a lot of alliance talk in the beginning of this season too before winding down into more personal stories. Hopefully that won't be an issue. I wanted to warn you in advance of this because I know people tend to feel one way or another about strategy taking over, but hopefully the strategic internal struggles will make up for it. There will be no Nova situations this time.

3. There will be more of an even mix between positive and negative. Last season was severely negative with the exception of a handful of characters. I've cast characters this time around specifically to balance it out a little more.

Now for the question: How should this season end? I know that the obstacle course has become a thing, but I got to thinking that logically...characters like Sigourney and Mortimer never really had a chance. To be fair to some of the physically weaker players in the future, should this be taken out? If so, what should replace it, or how could it be restructured to be more fair?

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