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This was a much more drama-filled season than I'm used to writing, but I think it worked out. It got a little silly at times, but I felt it was necessary because of how the winner was portrayed. Remember that this is from a writer's perspective meaning that the rankings are based on who was the most fun for me to write for.

As always, if you haven't read the finale, don't read this.


16. Lars - This guy is the boring CP male that typically makes it to the end with very little story to back up why he's there. Luckily, this season, I eliminated him second. He only played a role in Nova's alliance's collapse, and it was a very minor role because his elimination wasn't earth-shattering.

15. Falcon - He broke away from Nova for one episode, and that was it. He was "comic relief", but I didn't have that much fun writing for him. He was mostly there to add more dislike for Nova's alliance. My biggest challenge was trying to boot him before the jury because I did NOT want him there. Luckily I found a way to do it the round before it happened.

14. Crunch - First boot. There isn't much else to say about Crunch. He was pretty much cast to be the first boot. I wanted a threatening-looking male to get the ball rolling with the demise of Nova's alliance, and Crunch fit the bill really well. To make up for booting him first, I made him nice.

13. Kevin - He had a very strong first episode. I'll say that I had him down as the winner at one point, but I just couldn't find a story to bring home for him. He's a pretty robotic character in the way that he "speaks", so I just couldn't find a way to bring him farther than I did that was satisfying. That made him difficult to write for, and that's why I sent Blanca much farther instead.

12. Will - He was a cute person to write for. In order for Mama's story to really take effect, I needed a child in the plot. I think I dumbed Will's character down a bit from the NiGHTS series, but he played his role as far as Video Game Wars was concerned. He fueled Mama's child obsession. He fueled Maude's hatred for children, so he did his job without saying or doing much to instigate it which I thought was pretty cool. For the record, it wasn't that I had trouble writing for him that he didn't say much. I just didn't think it was necessary.

11. Angelina - She is the only juror to not make the top 10. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Angelina's inclusion in the story because she gave some negativity to the "heroes" alliance. The fact that she received a lot of airtime doesn't mean I had a lot of fun writing for her character. She didn't ADD much to the story in my opinion. She was always just Logan's sidekick. She added some tension in that alliance, but since she was the first to go from that group, it didn't really amount to much. She gave everyone a reason to eliminate her, so they did.

10. Sora - He was another CPP male, but he had much more of a plot than Lars. He and Will set up both Mama and Maude really well simply by being there. Unlike Will, Sora had more to say, and that bumped him up on the list. His actions had more consequences too. He was simply too nice to play a game where he had to lie and stab others in the back which ultimately led to his early downfall. I enjoyed writing for him because he had a nice mix of positive energy and glaring flaws that made him interesting.

09. Adeleine - Adeleine was never going to win. In every single preparation of this season, Adeleine always ended up as the one eliminated Sigourney-style. I loved writing for her because she was the character whose strategy ended up going to her head. I wanted her to struggle with the change at first, but I think I may have written her confidence in too soon. She played a huge role in Blanca's story though and the battle between which of the two was more important as an ally to the other players.

08. Maude - I needed someone that was just plain nasty. Maude was probably the most intentionally vile person to ever participate in Video Game Wars. I had fun writing for her because her character had never been done before (by me), so to just have someone who didn't care what people thought of her or her opinions on children made for some fun times. She was a complete contrast to Mama too, and I think it's interesting that at the end of it all, Maude ended up looking better by comparison.

07. Nova - She probably would be "star of the season" if I didn't get so tired of writing for her. There is such thing as having a bit TOO much fun with a character, and after Nova took off, she kept going and going and going. She is one of the most high-visibility characters that I think I've ever written, but she was the leader of the opposition. Between her and Captain Falcon, of COURSE she was going to be the one to call all of the shots, so I pretty much set her up to be a camera hog. Lars was eliminated second, so with the only person that could have possibly stolen her screentime away gone, she had more than enough time to shine. I was happy to eliminate her. She's high on the list because she was necessary.

06. Blanca - I love a good growth story. Blanca was fun to write for and was almost given the winner title. The only thing holding her back was her lack of importance to the grand scheme of things. She was a lot of fun to write for, but I ended up writing her as a character that wanted the viewers to feel sorry for her. Her strategy was extremely unique though, and I had a lot of fun with that aspect. It was also fun to have her go from being unimportant to being important for the wrong reasons and never truly being happy with herself until the very end. It was a good note to end on, and I felt that she didn't need a jury to validate her importance in the end which is why she was one of the last to go.

05. Logan - He didn't bring much to the table in the beginning, and that caused me to question whether or not I should have given him the win. As the story progressed, he got better and better. He was the one that initiated the split from Nova's alliance to free himself from being part of her "man shield", and I think it was a nice surprise for readers to see him as less of a douchebag. He had demons from his past that I wanted to bring to light which transformed him into more of a team player, and he was more unique in that he was playing to support someone else.

04. Lori - People may be surprised to see her this high, but she's the reason the story even happened. Logan and Angelina broke away from Nova and Co to align themselves with Lori who was caught in the middle with nowhere to go. Lori was fun for me to write for also because I wanted a character that garnered sympathy without really asking for it. She wasn't a "poor me" type of player which made her more likable, and she KILLED it in competitions. Typically, I don't think CPP characters do very well, but for her being the only positive female in a season full of over-the-top negativity, she stood out in a good way.

03. Kane - Kane was a surprise for me. I honestly didn't know where to go with him, so his character just kind of went with the flow. Luckily for me, if he were to become a last-minute winner, I think people would've been okay with that too because of how he ended up. His story was a little all over the place because I didn't know when or how to drop the bomb about his past. The one thing I DID know I wanted to have happen was for him and Mama to team up. Kane is still a dad, even though he's a bit unstable. Those fatherly instincts are what drew Mama to him, and Mama is what drew Kane's past out of him. It all worked out, and I had a lot of fun with him.

02. Mama - Freaking psychopath. I knew I wanted this season to be more about why someone lost than why someone won, and Mama was the perfect person to place in a F2 loser position. I really don't know if people liked her, but I had A LOT of fun writing for her. She had amazing highs and catastrophic lows. Her constant blaming of everyone else made her extremely unlikable inside the hotel, and her attempt to quit the game only solidified her loss if she were to make it into the F2. Luckily, Mama was one of those characters that didn't have a huge backstory to play off of (like Mortimer), so I based her story solely on emotion.

01. Felicia - Yeah, I don't think anyone else had a chance. Felicia ended up receiving the edit that Nova should have striven for. I couldn't let Felicia be this huge player early on because I knew if I kept up her "look at me, I'm a celebrity" story for every single episode, it would have gotten old. She needed to be out of the picture for awhile after her first episode, and she was the perfect player to lead into a big role towards the end of the game. Angelina's elimination was the beginning of her grand comeback, and because she wasn't so present until the last five episodes, it was almost as if a new character was introduced to the game which gave her more interest. She also had a growth story from thinking she was all that to going back to where she started in life as an outcast. It was a humbling experience for her to participate in this, and it was a fresh story to write.

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By the way, I updated the TVTropes character page of your latest season. I didn't too much but the major character points of the cast. ^__^
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Thanks! :aww: I love that you did this because my intentions vs. how the characters came off probably mean it's better for someone else to write those up. Heh. I agree with ALL of them, and I love how many tropes Maude fell into. :dead: 
I miss you so much! ;_;
Coconut-Master Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i miss u
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Hey, Owlot! Happy bday to you!
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Happy birthday! :D
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