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Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen the finale then...oops. You've seen too much. This was an incredible season though. I liked just about everybody at some point or another for some reason or another. Let's get started with the rankings. This will be TOUGH!


18. LJ - I just don't understand how someone this boring can have so many fans. The fact that he always sounded stoned but wasn't ever actually stoned really turned me off on him. At least edit in some smoke coming out of his mouth or nose, and then maybe I'd like him more. Maybe this guy doesn't have much social interaction outside of his horses, but that's no excuse. He was unbearably boring.

17. Jeremiah - Yeah, okay. I get that you're a nice guy. That's all well and good, but you did nothing for me. He wasn't monotonous and boring, he just wasn't shown at all, and it was pretty darn evident that he had no game whatsoever. He killed a chicken. Yay.

16. David - I've got nothing for you. Head back to camp.

15. Spencer - Okay, I would've hated this guy so much more if he won the million. Had he won, I would've gone on and on about why he shouldn't have, but let's be real...I HATE underdog stories where the underdog puts himself in the bottom and does very little to pull himself out of it. Spencer made ONE big social play at the very end, and it failed. He made absolutely zero genuine connections outside of Tasha and really does not deserve all of the praise he has been getting. He pretty much just went with whatever plan someone laid out as long as he was safe, and he did very little to back up his allies. Then he moped and complained that he was at the bottom. Sorry, Spence. You get no sympathy from me. But at least he manned up and admitted that it was all his fault. He's kinda forgiven but only enough to jump from 18th to 15th on this list. Also, admittedly, Spencer's hardcore fans played a role in me not liking him as well. They basically argued with me because I have been saying what Spencer finally admitted this whole time. :roll:

14. Cliff - Mr. Nice Guy. All smiles. Honestly, I loved his blindside episode. "Celebrities" on Survivor are always duds for me unless they're females. He was literally and figuratively the early giant that needed to be slayed, and the rally against him (led by Tony and Sarah) was really great. Beyond that, he was pretty dull. Smiley...but dull.

13. Jefra - Coulda, shoulda, woulda made a move! First girl on the list, and rightfully so. I had her pegged immediately as the girl that was "just there" for a majority of the season. Many cute blondes receive this treatment unless they're Courtney Yates. Jefra was no Courtney Yates. I'd make a joke about her last name, but it's too easy. She had a neat backstory though.

12. Brice - It helps that he was Morgan's go-to guy, but I don't remember all that much about him. He sure was full of himself. The whole "I'm the hottest one here" attitude didn't really work for me considering he wasn't. It's one thing to be confident, but you don't need to drill it into everyone's brain, especially when you're not that attractive.

11. Lindsey -  I'm placing Lindsey here because she quit and really didn't need to. I honestly feel that she could've controlled herself enough to not punch Trish. She just wanted a way out. She didn't do very much before her altercation with Trish either. It was a shame to see her go because I kind of wanted her drama with Trish to last awhile. I had high hopes, but she left before she needed to. She said she'd want to return, but I wouldn't want to see her again.

10. Alexis - From here on out, I like everybody. This is going to be a tough list. I know I'm weird for liking Alexis, but I thought she was pretty hilarious. She tried her best, and I can't fault her for that. Her interviews after the fact were pretty funny because she called herself out for making dumb plays and not understanding why people thought she was such a threat. What a cutie. I really wanted her to do well from the beginning, and it sucked so bad to see her leave RIGHT before the merge. She would've been way more fun than Jefra.

09. Garrett - Wow, what a trainwreck. Within the first hour of the show, he went from a power player to someone who just didn't feel like doing anything. I'm glad he left when he did, but he is the definition of someone who is just not made for the game. Honestly, I had him pegged as the winner before the season began. I had it in my mind that the winner would be a mixture of the three elements used to win, and as the most in shape person on this season being on the Brains tribe, I figured Garrett would be it. Boy, was I wrong! He didn't even BRING his idol to Tribal Council!

08. Woo - Aw. It took him forever to figure out that making fire would break the tie in the final four. He obviously had coaching from the cameraman, but it was still a funny clip. He actually had a lot of pretty hilarious clips (dat Survivor auction, and #ninjastealthmode). I wanted him to "dude" his way all the way to the million, but the moment he said that he and Kass would be idiots to take Tony to the end, I knew that they both had lost and Tony had won. Woo was great fun though and provided comic relief to a crazy season. Plus, it made it that much more intense when he was actually serious. Those scenes where he was contemplating the idea that Tony would betray him really struck me. Cool guy.

07. J'Tia - This is starting to get really hard. She was so awesome during her duration on the show. Eff all those haters that booed her during the live finale. She was great entertainment, and while she was pegged as an early "villain", I don't think she was nearly as villainous as Kass. She was pretty much the sole reason why Luzon sucked so bad, and I loved it. It's just too bad the girls didn't stick together one more round.

06. Morgan - This top 6 could be interchangeable really. I loooooved Morgan. I loved the way she smiled so slyly after vote-outs she wanted to have happen (see Alexis). Hell, she smiles almost always. Her confessionals were awesome, and she was this season's "vent girl". My only wish was that Morgan found the idol. She was looking in the right spot, but how awesome would it have been for Morgan to pull out the idol and use it at the right time? I think she understood Survivor more than people gave her credit for, but even when she slacked off, she was still entertaining and funny.

05. Sarah - I thought she was going to win early on, and I loved the whole thing about Sarah not being included in Tony's "Top 5". This girl was awesome, and her boot episode was hilarious because she all of the sudden became this power hungry monster of a person. I mean, I already liked her. She didn't have to sell herself on me, but she did even further, and I appreciate her for it. Her blindside was bittersweet. It drove the whole episode home, but I knew that after that, I'd miss her...especially since she left Jeremiah, Jefra, and LJ behind. The show got a bit more boring after she left, but that one episode was incredible.

04. Kass - I can't give Sarah all the credit for her blindside episode since Kass is the one that made it happen. Kass isn't in the top 3 because there were some moments where I thought she was just too nasty for me to appreciate. Flipping off Trish was classless. No need to kick someone when they're down. Still, she was the one person I didn't think would deliver on her threat to be a "mom villain" before this season began, but she did and then some! She just sounds so harmless naturally, but then she stirred more shit than anyone. She wasn't afraid to go there, and that's what I liked about her. I just think she went too far in some cases. Her comments about Spencer were delicious though.

03. Tony - Tony did in one season what Boston Rob couldn't do until his fourth. Tony was GREAT at the game, but unlike Boston Rob, Tony was also entertaining. The issue with Tony was that he got a lot of screentime. On the other hand, in a season where the monotonous duds made it to the merge, I didn't mind his screen-hogginess. Plus, he was always doing something different and going after someone new. If it wasn't for Tony, this season would not have been that exciting because he was the mastermind of the MANY blindsides that occurred this season. I don't see how some people (mostly bitter Spencer fans) can't appreciate what Tony brought to this season. People compared him to Russell Hantz, but no...Tony was way more interesting, likable, entertaining, and off-the-handle than Russell. I never knew what Tony was going to do, and THAT is what places him so high. Loved the guy.

02. Tasha - The three "T's" are in the top three! Tasha was one of the sweetest people to play this season, and I really thought she was doomed immediately after her outburst against Garrett. She's just adorable, and I agree with the person who tweeted that they'd love to see her again. She was basically the group cheerleader, and that comes naturally to her. Her immunity run was amazing, and SHE was the one that tried to pull herself and Spencer out of the bottom with very little to no help from Spencer "the master of the game" at all. I was so disappointed when she didn't win that one last immunity because she was actually the one I wanted to win. I think she understands a lot about people, and she is very well-spoken. Yeah, I hope to see her again on another season.

01. Trish - Trish was amazing, and her jury comments were why I really thought she'd win in spite of her spats with people. No one in Tony's alliance trusted him; they trusted TRISH. This was very obvious because she was always the one trying to wrangle the group together. Tony was the star of this season, but Trish was the reason the star stayed around, and I appreciate her more than Tony for that! She knew when to fold, but she never backed down from a fight. I think her combination of scrappiness and genuine concern for others made her a very unique player this season. She was sort of like a mama bear, and her jury speech about her brothers made me a little misty. "Was it worth it?!" Ugh...she was so amazing. Didn't receive as much screentime as her partner in crime, but she was easily my favorite of the bunch.

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